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  1. They are asking lol. Obviously dont need to ask any of the NA AM teams you know since they wont stop crying about it on twitter
  2. Pretty sure if it wasn't tweeted out that NA teams can't attend, no one would give two shits. Just the fact that you are told you CANT attend people are kicking up a fuss. Pro teams upset about not attending I understand. But the AM teams getting upset I just laugh at, even if AM teams would come, they can't take the regional qualifers spots for DH, yes they'd get a cut at the 25k prize pot, but pretty sure 1st alone 'might' cover the general costs of coming over so is it even worth it to them. Tbf think since i've been spoilt so much with prize pot over Halo 5 its made me quite blind to competition which is my own fault and I want to change that over the future.
  3. Likewise dude! Maybe if I play OpTic enough I'll beat them....... nah i'm EU
  4. Not sure if this got cleared up. Couple mins after I found a invisible dip in the floor along top tower which guns fall into but can still be picked up.
  5. Not a lot we can do. Sucks but we'll have to pull through. Risk that they all took going on the Xbox Live Preview program. EDIT: What he said above
  6. I remember complaining last year at Worlds that there should be a live draw. Paper in a hat and someone pick each one out, even for the crowds/viewers purpose. Something else to get excited for, plus then its 100% random. Guess its just another situation where our opinions aren't listened to.
  7. One of my worst individual events to this date. We gave Infused the series and they threw it right back at us (EU Halo LUL). We've improved and are looking very confident and better for Halo WC.
  8. Fly out on the 22nd. Was unable to get any backing for the boot camp sadly.
  9. Been there done that. Have had long conversations with Quinn via Dm's. Dude wont budge.
  10. I have apologised to both Quinn and Ghost via DMs. I was rude yes, got caught up in a lot of frustration. (Didn't help live streaming at the same time) But I don't regret what I said. The game needs changing.
  11. So who out of the notable top teams have to go through the open bracket? aka whos outside top 8 on points?
  12. Thanks Just to clarify things. Yes we are looking to come out early, but from what people are saying it sounds like we are all booked to come out. Not a single things has been booked or planned to come over early. I'm hoping an NA team/Org can help us out as it looks like we'll be paying for our own way out (Which is fine) but would need help with Equipment and Internet. Sucks that the NA Qualifiers are so soon to Worlds as it makes planning and organising with NA teams harder as no point planning if they haven't qualified for Worlds.
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