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  1. Not the exact same idea as you but similar in that I thought mixing parts of good older maps could make for an interesting map. I tried to balance it still for halo 5 gameplay but holding true to some aspects of the original map they were part of. I just finished the first version (will continuously update if i find issues or better optimization of weapons, spawns, etc). I took the main bridge part of Halo 3 Narrows, kept the rocket launcher bottom mid but changed the sides of the base. To the right side I have the BR tower from Halo 2 Lockout. Where BR 2 normally leads out into top mid of lockout there's a launcher that sends you across the map parallel to the narrows' bridge. The landing area is the Armory from Halo 5 Warzone. Lots of close range areas and tactical jumps and clamber tricks. Really happy with the map layout but haven't had much chance to test gameplay yet.
  2. Also, anyone looking to find games (as of now the custom games finder is still unavailable) join the /r/halo discord.
  3. If you want to change your service tag, emblem, emblem colors, or weapon skins you must do so on an Xbox One. You can, however, change your armor, helmet, and colors for both on halowaypoint. To earn req points go to: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/requisitions/unopened-packs You will earn a daily login req pack. You gain this req pack simply by signing into your waypoint account each day. You get 200 req points and various req cards such as boosts, weapons, and vehicles. Assuming you are solely on PC and don't have Halo 5 on the Xbox One you will have no use for any of the req cards and should sell each one. This is the primary way to earn req points on PC. You can do a couple things and watch out for gold req pack giveaways during streamed halo tournaments such as Pro League Finals. (If you want to join a Spartan Company for the req pack simply ask me to join the clan "F the Green Team" My GT is Ravenality [you can join, get your req pack and leave the comapny if you wish]) To spend your req points go to: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/requisitions/store You can purchase bronze, silver, or gold req packs using req points. Which you choose to purchase is up to you based on which armors/helmets you are trying to unlock and your level of patience. Gold and Silver req packs have guaranteed unlocks. Bronze are not guaranteed. The unlocks are random and their rarity is based on the level of req pack purchased. You can unlock weapon skins, loadouts, emblems, and a chance of unlocking armors, helmets and visors. To equip unlocks go to: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/requisitions/categories/customization?ownedOnly=False You can scroll down and preview all helmets, visors, and armors. You can equip your unlocked gear here and can change armor color at any time. Hope this helps anyone playing Halo 5: Forge on PC and wants to unlock aesthetics but doesn't have an Xbox One.
  4. I'm sure this thread will get locked or taken down for no reason but just wanted to let people interested in H5 PC customs that halocustoms.com/shoutbox/ seems to be the best place to do so. A lot of people are hosting lobbies or throwing their gamertags out there hoping to meet like minded gamers to group up. Everyone is friendly. There are some people who have played a fair amount of H5 on Xbox one coming over but most of the people are those with little to no H5 experience looking to experience the game. Everything from FFA to Big Team CTF pending on group size. I personally like Team Slayer and if the group size is right some CTF. Feel free to add me. GT: Ravenality Hopefully the H5 PC community can grow and we can match and play and have an all-around good time.
  5. Couldn't find a separate thread for H5 PC customs. I don't have an Xbox One but have H5 on PC (will be using Xbox one controller not mouse and keyboard) and would love to play some customs. Whether it's H5 maps or TS on forged remakes. GT is Ravenality.
  6. So forgive me if someone makes a better thread, or I don't update immediately but I'm always curious about team changes and the rumor mill of rostermania. Roster lock is August 25th so here goes unofficially till then: CLG -Snakebite -Royal 2 -Frosty -Lethul E6 -Cratos -Shooter -Huke -bubudubu nV -Mikwen -iGotUrPistola -Rayne (el Town dropped for Snip3down) C9 -Ninja -Commonly -Victory X (Spartan was scrimming instead of Penguin, these 4 were a team before then Commonly left for EG and they picked up Stellur) ALG -Ryanoob -Heinz EG -Roy -Lunchbox (Contra and Predevonator were running games) (Naded and Penguin were running games) TL -Eco -Stellur -Dan0xide OG -Maniac -Ace -Str8Sick -aPG Summer Season Free Agents/Substitutes -el Town -Penguin -Suspector -Contra -Predevonator -Naded -Goofy -Rammyy -Assault
  7. My friends all got Halo Reach at launch so I got it within a week or two of release. Playing Vanilla Reach on Asylum (wannabe Sanctuary) and people would just jetpack up on top of the huts and camping. That was probably the most annoying thing. It made playing unenjoyable bc that was the early meta, to use jetpack and just go up somewhere high. I hate loadout Jetpacks to this. I didn't mind it on Station 9 in H4 as a pickup or in NBNS Reach as a pickup but people camping with jetpacks at launch in Reach before they added in a bunch of soft kill zones was truly unenjoyable. (Friendly FYI I used sprint, always, I thought jetpacks, camo and armor lock were all kinda lame/dishonorable ways to play)
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