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  1. At risk of going off topic loved the EU pro league last night, highlight was removing the player outlines i thought it really freshened things up
  2. late post as had to go dark until i'd caught up with last nights matches. Great casting, stories and rivalries, 4 amazing matches. Roy seems to be getting his shot back and Victory X proving doubters wrong. Pro League is unrecognisable from last season (except for players missing every shot and getting a perfect medal......)
  3. i'd have drawn that out to boost my fantasy points if i was Optic
  4. Just caught up on last nights scrims. Roybox looking like they might be over their slump, EG comms in general unrecognisable from last season. Can't wait for next season to start
  5. The stage is set for Lethul to complete the final page of his EG contract
  6. I don't have anything against RNG (i'm a big Victory X fan he gets no credit but is the glue for that team) but I really want Liquid to get the win. Both the Optic and EG matches completely change and given how late they start here in the UK it's probably the difference between me staying up and passing out
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