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  1. I'm so used to the 30 minutes downtime in Halo. These COD matches are flying.
  2. I just hope we have another event at a K-pop convention
  3. Not enough real LAN in Halo anymore (when Rec loses events)
  4. Oh the classic "exposure" sell. I'm sure Dreamhack, Faceit, etc is really excited to pay for tournaments to then get the zero exposure they would get from running a tournament on the Halo channel (where they get there name in the corner) when they are consistently running bigger tournaments in bigger games on their own channels where they have full control over everything.
  5. These organizers are running these events front to back. The plan with Grassroots is to build partners so that when Infinite hits there are multiple partners that are invested in the growth of the scene. It would make no business sense for them to invest in something when they are forced to do things that they don't get any benefit from.
  6. The only thing anyone could complain about this event right now would if it were region locked, which it isn't. ECS wouldn't be a good comparison of what we are going to see here though. Just seems like throwing that about is just setting us up for disappointment.
  7. I feel you. I've been really critical of UGC (and I was at the last one so I can't speak to the stream but I wrote up a big thing on everything wrong with that event somewhere on here) and don't think they should be given any more Grassroots money to run events unless there is some major change over there or they prove they can do it well again. They've been living off that 2015 event for years. This whole event just felt like an afterthought though after it was seemingly hyped up to be the "big" event from this little run of H3 events. No stage, no cams, no listen ins and pretty minimal production. I get that it's only a 50k H3 event but DH could actually pull off what UGC tries to do so it's just a bit meh. Best game play we've had since the switch to H3 though and talent is great as always. Be interesting to see who they are partnering with for the next couple of events.
  8. Nothing more annoying then FFA finals before the GF. Hype and viewership killer. They never learn.
  9. As far as Grassroots events go, I'd rather watch UGC fuck up trying to do something big then watch Dreamhack just do nothing special at all.
  10. I literally can not wait for further years of this forum complaining about sprint like it will actually anything.

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