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  1. We out here gatekeeping people who didn't support H4 events. Halo is indeed back.
  2. The fucking show...I have actually no idea who you are. It was brought to my attention by a somewhat relevant person in the gaming industry for the last 15 years that you were bad-mouthing me on Team Beyond.net. The last time I was on a forum I was 15. You look like a grown ass man. You got a fucking problem @ me. You wanna call me a scam which is hilarious. You're talking about our Facebook likes we launched our Facebook I don't know a month ago? My Facebook has more likes than your fucking Twitter you goddamn nobody. If you've got a fucking issue with me, you got an issue with one of my employees @ me next time or come see me. I'm at every fucking event, I sanction players, I hire employees and I pay all of them. If there's a fucking issue come see me. I'm 6' 4" fully fucking tatted and I will smack the fuck out you boy
  3. Gonna be hard to test flight a game where the multiplayer isn't even close to done.
  4. Probably didn't plan on releasing this today but with everything flying around better off just confirming it.
  5. There should be no Halo events until Infinite comes out. These nostalgia events have run their course. Reach isn't a good game, changing games every other event is not a strategy and nobody wants to actually invest in these events.
  6. They only sold it at Worlds 2018 as far as I know. MLG still owns all the rights to those so they probably won't ever be sold again.
  7. Because Halo hasn't had enough players to not doing this since 2010.
  8. Sitting here reading a bunch of morons yell at each other over a controller. AA and magnetism are way too forgiving in this game with controllers atm, and MKB implementation is still not perfect and probably never will be. If you are using a mouse and keyboard right now, you basically are an idiot. Controller is way easier up close and all you need to learn how to do is range if you aren't used to it. If you don't think controller aiming in this game up close is stupidly easy then you are lying to yourself. AA needs to be turned down like 15% and none of this is an issue.
  9. We really have hit a bad run when people are yearning for the good ole days of Halo Reach.
  10. Facts. I may have had enough steak n shake for a lifetime that weekend though lol The MKB issues have been an ongoing issue for a long time now. It just feels like absolute shit, anyone who's played it will tell you that. I still have no idea why they are having a PC tournament in a game where MKB is just not actually in a working state when they are just going to get roasted for it.
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