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  1. KBM is really not that hard to learn. I'm not sure why all the console kids I know just accept that its impossible for them because they are used to a controller. Invest in a solid mouse/pad, pick a good sensitivity (going high sens is not the best option for most people and this where is most people fuck up, honestly just look at what pros are using in whatever game you are doing and move around from there) and stick with the same stuff. There are plenty of tools to replicate sensitivity across games. Within a couple of weeks/months playing with a controller will feel like running on a treadmill made of ice, plus you will never have to worry about shit like stick drift and deadzones again.
  2. MLG might still exist in some form or capacity, but Adam and most of the production staff have left. It'll be name only.
  3. Welcome to new esports people. Money is going to ruin what we used to take for granted.
  4. You are all just mad because H4 was the best game in the series.
  5. Whole tournament happened this weekend and we got like half a page.
  6. Really no reason for orgs to be involved at the current moment from their standpoint. Nothing to gain.
  7. At this point I don't even care if it does. We just need a new Halo game. I don't understand how this gap has happened but its killing this franchise.

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