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  1. Whole tournament happened this weekend and we got like half a page.
  2. Really no reason for orgs to be involved at the current moment from their standpoint. Nothing to gain.
  3. At this point I don't even care if it does. We just need a new Halo game. I don't understand how this gap has happened but its killing this franchise.
  4. I'll start it off. ........... H5 sniping is simply way harder than H3 sniping and sprint is a good thing.
  5. I'm so used to the 30 minutes downtime in Halo. These COD matches are flying.
  6. I just hope we have another event at a K-pop convention
  7. Not enough real LAN in Halo anymore (when Rec loses events)
  8. Oh the classic "exposure" sell. I'm sure Dreamhack, Faceit, etc is really excited to pay for tournaments to then get the zero exposure they would get from running a tournament on the Halo channel (where they get there name in the corner) when they are consistently running bigger tournaments in bigger games on their own channels where they have full control over everything.

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