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  1. I miss the good ole days when they announced events 2 weeks out and then were completely shocked when no one showed up and would tell people that they were just booking flights wrong if they thought they were too expensive.
  2. SQ splitting up wouldn't be shocking as Flamesword and Assault were the two weak links in that squad. Shotzzy is 100% back in Halo for now.
  3. I stopped questioning human beings after Halo 4 was made.
  4. First Halo: Halo 3 Favourite Halo: Halo 3 First Competitive Halo: Halo 3 Least Played: Halo 4 Favourite Gun: H5 Magnum Favourite Map: Midship/Heretic/Truth Favourite Pro: Roy
  5. I try to forget that time period where Butters was considered a caster for major Halo events. On a side note, never before seen image where he was dressed as a Spartan.
  6. With only 9 million Halo enthusiasts in the entire world this seems like a useless stat.
  7. Beyond is great content now. I come in here in now and its just one person arguing with everyone who still posts here about anything thats posted.
  8. 5 seeding tournaments for a 1k online tournament. Peak Halo.
  9. I'm really confused on how you are even supposed to spend 3 days at this event and not run out of things to do very quickly. Even with the short hours.

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