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  1. We really have hit a bad run when people are yearning for the good ole days of Halo Reach.
  2. Never know what a convicted felon could say on stream tbh.
  3. Facts. I may have had enough steak n shake for a lifetime that weekend though lol The MKB issues have been an ongoing issue for a long time now. It just feels like absolute shit, anyone who's played it will tell you that. I still have no idea why they are having a PC tournament in a game where MKB is just not actually in a working state when they are just going to get roasted for it.
  4. If HCS does something at some point that resembles a coherent anything I will show up. Until then I'm kind of done with all this. Tashi continues to speak in these mass cliches about the future, tons of promises about what is coming and pumping up this HCS grassroots effort that has been pretty much a massive failure with only a few creators brought on board and a lot of meh or bad tournaments were it was clear neither 343 or the TO wanted to invest in a 12 year old game with no viewership. I've read the announcement from them yesterday what seems like 100 times. Same tired old stuff about everything they've learned over the years while they still constantly look like amateurs. The team over there seemingly hasn't learned that no one really cares about how many words they write about how good they are going to be in the future, they actually have to SHOW something that presents they have any idea what they are doing. They never did previously until they let MLG run the last worlds cycle. They haven't done it with the post-H5 MCC events at all. I love Halo, I love the Halo community, I've traveled multiple times over the last few years to go tournaments and have met some awesome people. At this point, Halo esports has a terminal disease and I don't see some miracle coming any time soon.
  5. KBM is really not that hard to learn. I'm not sure why all the console kids I know just accept that its impossible for them because they are used to a controller. Invest in a solid mouse/pad, pick a good sensitivity (going high sens is not the best option for most people and this where is most people fuck up, honestly just look at what pros are using in whatever game you are doing and move around from there) and stick with the same stuff. There are plenty of tools to replicate sensitivity across games. Within a couple of weeks/months playing with a controller will feel like running on a treadmill made of ice, plus you will never have to worry about shit like stick drift and deadzones again.
  6. MLG might still exist in some form or capacity, but Adam and most of the production staff have left. It'll be name only.
  7. Welcome to new esports people. Money is going to ruin what we used to take for granted.
  8. You are all just mad because H4 was the best game in the series.
  9. Whole tournament happened this weekend and we got like half a page.

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