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  1. 5 seeding tournaments for a 1k online tournament. Peak Halo.
  2. I'm really confused on how you are even supposed to spend 3 days at this event and not run out of things to do very quickly. Even with the short hours.
  3. No one working on this would have anything to do with Infinite and funding isn't really an issue for a first party Microsoft game.
  4. Assume light competition is something like Microsoft store events.
  5. I've been alive long enough to remember when this thread was just memes. Sad days.
  6. Getting some ESL Halo vibes today. 200k CSGO tournament screwed up the big screen set up so players at the end of the tables can see the screen. So this is the fix.
  7. Crowdfunding raised only about 700 dollars per the UGC site. MoneyMatches/Cinch Gaming (same owner) payed out the rest of the goal to get them to 5000 in "crowd" funding in exchange for being a partner with the event.
  8. This is a weird event, because while I did actually enjoy myself at this event there were tons of things that basically made this event a far better experience on stream then it was in the venue. Just getting the pros out of the way early. CE tournament/community/set up was awesome, the actual main stage was very nice, Beyond people were amazing (Shoutout to @Hard Way (Your casting was fucking on point man, been listening since I got home), @Silos, @Commander Eagle, @Humpflung, @Sandman, and anyone else I met this weekend. You all are cool as fuck.) and the games on Sunday were great. Now then... Venue: There is really only one way to put it. The venue is bad. The building itself isn't really the main issue, its just in the middle of nowhere. Really nothing around there for food options or anything to do, and the closest part of St. Louis is not a place you actually want to go. Only things within walking distance are basically meh fast food and a mexican restaurant. Hotels in the immediate area are basically motels so that wasn't even really an option food wise. Traveling by car was not a realistic possibility for friday and a lesser extent on saturday due to the weather (which is not in anyones control). The venue itself had pretty horrible food on top of that, with very few options and the ones they did had were basically burgers that were cooking all day, nachos that would require an iron stomach to keep in your system for longer than 1 hour and hot dogs that I got sick from on Friday. Just judging it on the very low scale of venue food, this was some of the worst i'd ever had. Getting onto the venue set up. CE area was super cool, but was nearly entirely community driven as most of the consoles/CRTs were provided by community members. The mini main stage for CE was super well done The open bracket area was basically impossible to get through while matches were being played as it was so tight, which basically cut off that whole area to spectators. Basically there was not enough room to run a tournament as large as they sold, and if all the teams showed up for the passes that were sold it probably would have been a disaster. One of the feature stations did not have a screen set up for spectators so there was no way to even watch that in the venue on Friday unless you streamed on your phone, and even when everything was set up correctly it was hard to watch as it was directly against the seating for the main stage. VIP area was a joke really which was disappointing as it was one of the best things about Worlds. Roped off area to the right of the mainstage seating so the view of the actual stage was pretty awful and it was generally just filled with all the players who weren't playing or Denial people so anyone who paid for that area didn't have a seat for most parts of the day and no one was checking badges so it would have been worthless to pay for it really. Just as a note as well, there were certain talent members who had to be continually told by people who weren't even UGC staff to stop leaning or pushing their feet against shitty piping on the back of the casting desk (that may have had some issues earlier on in the weekend if I was told correct information). This was over the crowd and would have landed on 1-2 rows of people if anything had happened, so that was fun. Production: First off, props to Skillshot and @PROVERB (Don't actually know if he was directing that production, just know he was involved and I've given him some stick in the past so wanted to throw him in), CE and FFA stuff was really well done and they deserve credit for running well done stuff. There was a clear distinction between the events being run by different teams at this event. A lot of the production stuff everyone knows from just watching from home, but jeez was it rough in the venue where you don't have something else to do. Downtime. Downtime. Downtime. For an event that had so many streams, there were a lot of times where there was nothing to watch. Player warm up times went on forever at times, screens weren't set up for all the streams for Friday, couldn't get into the open area and there were obviously tons of issues that caused delays that showed up on stream. There were a few times I just walked around for a while because there was nothing to do and thankfully there were a ton of people playing CE so that honestly took up most of my weekend. CE community is amazing honestly. Tons of audio issues, especially with the sponsored headsets from Victrix headsets. Rec refused to play with the headsets in the state they were in which led to an hour of downtime on main stage at one point and the Victrix rep basically had to scramble around to get it fixed. Rest of the audio set ups for players were thrown together with a random combination of different mixamps and tons of players had issues with communication. CE Trophy was not presented to the Legend and Patch on Saturday as it had not been 3D printed yet, and a community member had to track down the players just so they could get it on Sunday. Mics for the analyst desk were as hard to hear in venue as they were on stream. Multiple people in talent told me they had no idea what they were supposed to be wearing or what time they were showing up. One of the teams in the Top 4 just didn't even show up to one of their matches on saturday and it was just rescheduled to later on for main stage which ended up causing delays. Had multiple UGC employees/volunteers complain that the players basically treated the staff like trash over things they had no control over. Feature stations and side stations had GT's while the main stage didn't. Some games were played with names randomly while others in the same round were not which creates really unneeded competitive advantages. Should have just been a hard rule one way or the other until they got to a certain point in the bracket where it was feasible. Have no idea why the owner of Denial was allowed to contribute to the prize pool and tournament directly and advertise his other companies at an event where he had a team competing. The list for this is unending. Conclusion: Conclusion is really this event wasn't awful, but it just wasn't good on a lot of levels. Anyone traveling to go as a pure spectator in most situations would not have gotten there money's worth for this event and I would not recommend anyone go to another event in this venue in that capacity. If it hadn't been for the CE tournament and freeplay I probably would have been pissed I went. I really like UGC and the people who work there, they are all genuinely nice people from my conversations with them, I just think they put themselves in over their own heads with the size of this tournament and with what they tried to accomplish. If they had just capped the team pass sales at some point and tried to run a cleaner event I think the whole thing would have come off better.
  9. I will have a write up on the event as a live viewer later on tonight. There will be .
  10. Many of the Xbox ones features were built around the always online ideas they had when it was first announced and then scrapped due to outrage. Unfortunately they just decided to not change any of the stuff that got screwed up. The original Xbox one was basically designed to break as soon it was disconnected from the internet because Microsoft was trying to keep all sales within it's own store and controlled by them ala Steam.
  11. Kind of funny that the main stage has no GTs but the side stations do. This is halo.

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