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  1. we had our chance with unity months ago but you guys decided to ignore it and not support it.
  2. how many times does it have to be stated that being good at something doesn't mean you know and understand how to design something. it just means at most you're going to be good at helping test the gameplay and that's it. the people who will actually understand how to design something come from the modding community but sadly halos modding community has been shunned at every corner when it comes to creating competitive settings, just look at unity+ and the lack of support and silencing of it, promod is even worse with constant console bans. but i've said it before and i'll keep saying it, the community members that deserve to be hired are the modders that go out of there way to design and create gametypes for the community to use, not some ass-hat player who doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to designing and only know how to twiggle his thumbs and press buttons on a gamepad.
  3. - no sprint- no randomness on precision weapons - lack of customizable loadouts - no armor abilities because its clear the devs have no idea to implement these in a way that works - more custom game options - fast sharp movement - low aim assist - tight radios for bullet magnetism to become active (seriously, the edge of your reticule activating it is ********, should be more 70% of its size) - fast killing hard to use primary weapon - more diverse well balanced sandbox that there isn't multiples of the same type of weapon - sensitive physics on anything that isn't map geometry - power ups on map - weapons on map - arena maps and, if the movement is done atrium based maps - more verticallity - extensive customizable options for custom games - infinite scalable recolor-able forge objects - less random drama in campaign and more kicking ass action - halos textural theme (seriously, 343i completely overhauled it and now its random magically floating shiny smooth metallic crap) - a story that is actually told through gameplay not "buy the books to know the story!!!" - real developer support - spectator - working theater for every game mode and multiple people - embrace the community not shove it to one side - fire certain affinity no wait, all we need is no sprint. nevermind.
  4. it would be nice if the staff here respected there own rules for once on topic, allthough this is a good list telling them exactly what is needed isn't going to help anything, all we should be saying is how things should work which can be implemented in a number of different ways so let them decide how it should be done. more custom game options is a must though.
  5. sorry i but i don't like randomness dictating what happens. so, no.
  6. thy're probably thinkg "halo 5 will sell millions so lets butcher multiplayer some more to get to campaign players to play multiplayer and attract the CoD crowd"
  7. wouldn't we loose dev support if we used older title at tournaments?
  8. zbns, because that's halo and isn't random. we also have the option to put in better community maps that might still be floating around to help create a more competitive experience, wouldn't cost AGL any extra money either because forgeworld is a disc map.
  9. been trying but every time i get slapped with a ban.
  10. to be fair, most of the people on this forum don't really care about playing halo, should we close the forum then?
  11. the community has made better maps that are available, these maps would be better for the competitive community and the competitive community will accept them without batting an eyelid if ghost were to say salot made them. we've had pit remakes floating around for ages yet they were never used. as soon as 343i comes out with pitfall it goes into the settings immediately. no other reason for choosing a DLC map that you have to pay for over a free version that has more flexibiliy other then because it was made by developers. vertigo, according to TTD advisers was chosen because the community wanted an asym slayer gametype, how ever this map was chosen specifically over the much much much better forge maps that the community was asking for because the developers made it. ricochet, chosen because the developers stated that it was made with competitive players in mind making it competitive, considering the very very short time period from its release to v5 means there wasn't any adequate testing done to decide whether or not its a good competitive gametype and because most of the community was against it pretty much symbolizes that it was picked to make developers happy. you can't have staff, TTD advisers and ghost going around saying that they make some decisions to make developers happy and then say yourself that this has never been the case and that all the decisions were done for the community. if it was for the community would be seeing a lot more drastic changes and a lot less dev maps but this isn't the case.
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