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  1. ugh spawns...i could write a book on this. :/
  2. Newer version in my fileshare now! -minor aesthetic changes -weapon layout adjustment -supports every gametype that matters
  3. .....oh also, this is a room based map at its core and didnt want to have a bunch of lines of site pinning the players down to a side, which could lead to stalemates in games. .....showtime, why did you have to go there :P
  4. Did you play the map dick? Jkjk :P Ill probably remove the railing bottom baesment, as for the other railings...they are there to control players from using sprint as a get out of jail free card. there won't be a major overhaul to the maps design however, i purposely wanted to have the flow directed towards the middle and not have a hard route in the bases so that players had the decision to flank but be heard or attacl straight on and not be heard....i wanted each part of the map to feel different and not just all be thick ramp battles. Thats why rocket side has thick ramps, snipe side has thin ramps and the bases have lift. Different options and things for the player to get used to. Thanks for the feedback as well mr chunky!
  5. Its plays sprint and no sprint. ....and you wont see many more maps from me because halo 4 is just so dead. Maybe some of my older maps would interest you. You may have heard of one. :P
  6. Newest version is in my fileshare now. -added CTF -tweaked spawns -slight geometry changes
  7. No shifty, if you wanna see more.....you have to get on halo
  8. Just make sure if you are playing objectives that the respawn time is 5 secs. Extraction should be 3 secs to arm and 3 secs to convert.
  9. Optimized for sprint....but still plays no sprint fine.
  10. Ill try and keep this short. Thanks for the feedback....your issue with only having one way to rockets can be fixed by expirementing with grenades. You can get to topmid from rocket side. Everything else you mentioned will be looked into but no drastic changes are being planned at this moment.
  11. Im just glad i was finally able to use that as a map name. Dude, you really need to.... ROCK HARD!

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