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  1. Legit. Simms does such great things for Halo. He tries to keep us informed/passes on our comments, and always takes criticism/complaints/downright aggro statements on the chin for ESL and Halo. Not to mention the banter filled casts.
  2. Not sure if this was posted yet, but for that final match, numbers peaked at 19,577 viewers
  3. Aye, but I don't think they are interested in expanding into the NA scene, particularly due to the number of already established TOs there and their launch of their new challenger series. Don't get me wrong, it'd be great, but I just couldn't see it ever happening.
  4. I think that most people haven't noticed WB Round 3: Str8 vs ALG? Pretty sure ALG left Halo
  5. Not exactly relevant, but since there isn't much to talk about, I've just seen something positive for Halo at the least. Halo: CE is a finalist for the 2017 World Video Game Hall of Fame http://www.worldvideogamehalloffame.org/2017-finalists
  6. Found a photo I took at Gfinity EU qualifiers, so just tweeted it out. Look at the difference. (ESL's side station had like 8 spectators). https://twitter.com/xL3G3ND6/status/846378405851467776
  7. This analogy, while it hits a nerve, has made my day so far.
  8. I completely agree, and this is what I was inferring with my initial post. However, as there has been issues when it comes to ESL and Halo in the past and 343 have done nothing (so suffice it to say that they're staying around) it's best that we also point out their issues.
  9. I'd like to chime in with my point of view. There are many people that are criticising the event, but saying that it is purely 343's fault not ESL's, which just isn't the case. I, like my other European competitors, were blessed with having Gfinity as the TO for our qualifier event. While there were a lot of issues regarding the venue and it's disclosure, it has to be the best venue Halo has ever had to date, it is one of the most iconic stadiums in the west. The entire event ran rather smoothly with essentially zero down time. This is coming from a company which has only held one other Halo 5 LAN event (2016 worlds). So, the statement and supposition that 'Halo is still growing' and thus deserves the most mediocre of venues is baseless and idiotic to say the least. If you want something to grow, you need to provide a platform (venue in this case) in which it can. A room with only press/staff and VIPs, and tent with a projector and tiny monitor does not count; this can be done in a single person's backyard. ESL have been partnered with 343 for a long time and run the majority of H5's events, and have had a huge success with their other eSports tournaments thus already have the knowledge on what kind of venues and such are to be expected, and how to grow a scene. With Halo however, they seem to treat it like the child they never wanted, only providing it with the bare minimum as to keep face. The venue should have been secured a long time in advance, so regardless of whether their venue of choice fell through, there should've been several other options in place as backup, this is just basic business and is rather baffling to see such a basic concept be missed. So, while we do need 343 to (as H3CZ said) take interest and should never let this stuff happen in the first place, ESL are equally to blame and both should drastically change the ways in which things are operated.
  10. They changed it after they first showed him. Should've been done during the test game.
  11. Huke's player cam said Shottzy Splyce. This production quality man.
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