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  1. It seems like the new Optic want to hide the fact they even had a Halo team, or that they were rejected by them for asking for too much.
  2. Not sure if anybody noticed this yet, but H3CZ took "CEO/OWNER OF OPTIC GAMING" out of his Twitter bio, and Hitch responded to somebody who said the next episode of around the bar is going to spicy, but Hitch said there won't be one.
  3. I'm saying if they hadn't then yes rules were broke. However, even if they were, pro league starts tomorrow, and nobody knows wtf is happening with LG. Yeah man, even though it is pro league, I can't wait. We haven't had decent length HCS action in a long time. With OS, they've each said it's the same team, just a different organisation. Completely different scenario.
  4. I don't know about that. I mean, Halo is already seen as one of the shadiest esports scenes when it comes to contracts and roster moves. ESL, whether they're just trying to be courteous or not are just further perpetuating the stereotype. The roster lock served 2 purposes. First to get the final team lineup. The second, was so that ESL could introduce the teams that will be playing tomorrow (when pro league starts). Viewers now know all of their favourite team's rosters - except LG, despite the fact that it starts tomorrow. Because the entire point of the roster lock was to have the roster finalised by the deadline. No team should be above that, otherwise what is the point in having it in the first place.
  5. Either way, should still be tweeted out. Contractual issues should've been dealt with prior to roster lock. It's not ESL's place to have to deal with that, it's down to the players/teams involved.
  6. Why is LG the only one that hasn't been tweeted out? I assume it's because they didn't submit their roster by roster lock. But in that case, I do think they should be penalised for it. I mean, what is the point in having these deadlines for rosters and such, if they actually mean nothing and aren't enforced.
  7. Yeah, I'll be there and competing, in both 4v4 and FFA. I really can't wait haha. I'll see you there man.
  8. Ah, I thought that could be what he's referring to. What I said still stands though, if the aiming is different, it will put some people off, even if it is in essence better, it's not what they're used to, and as you said, it isn't exactly stable either haha.
  9. The vast majority of Halo pro players would become obsolete if it became a KB+M game. Plus, it's a console esport, making a shift to PC would be way too difficult and alienate those that actually do show up to compete, and have invested a lot of time into it (even if aiming is better, it's still different to what people would be used to, so could put people in a bad position).
  10. Aye. Well, they'll get some practice at Gfinity, but there isn't really a team that can compete with them atm, but anything that can happen at LAN. It'd be great if there was some kind of 'beyond the sticks' with them and a team like NV/OpTic, just imagine how drastically different things could become. Speaking of Gfinity, are you going? (I think I remember seeing you say that you were going but not entirely sure, haha).
  11. I think Jimbo would work well as the team's X-factor. Respectful and Kimbo focus on slays, MQSE focus on OBJ while Jimbo does what is needed (so assists in either slaying or OBJ). At this point, I think most EU players, myself included, have ninja'd MQSE haha, it's kind of like a right of passage. With Kimbo they'll finally have someone that can do some work with the sniper though, which they didn't really have on the past FABe team. Honestly, the thing that seperates EU and NA the most isn't really gunskill (though that is a part of it). In EU, there are no setups. It's pretty much just a gunskill competition for the most part, which is why the last FABe team was so successful, as it was the 4 best players in EU on 1 team. However, with NA, they have the same/better gunskill which already nullifies the reason for FABe's success but they can also work as a team and utilise setups and strategies. The old Epsilon that placed well in 2016 however, I think was the complete opposite, less gunskill but had great team work which paid off for them.
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