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  1. Yea but he definitely played really well. I feel like RECs problems weren't down to one player. More their obj efficency.
  2. I'm loving this event so far! One thing I still really miss from the old MLG days is how long they would stay on an individual players' POV. Some of the best moments for me used to be watching an individual player really going off for an entire game - I feel like we're trading that out to give every player a bit of screen time. It's always dissapointing to see someone going off in the kill feed or in the post-game lobby stats and not to have witnessed it. I also feel like it maybe gives you a more relatable perspective on how the game is unfolding when you're not switching back and forth so much. Anyway -- it's not like this ruins the experience for me at all and I'm still totally digging the event. Just thought I'd bring it up and see what people thought! Sune.
  3. Bergkamp & Henry was one of the most beautiful things to watch.
  4. Aiming feels great now but playing on American servers from the EU feels worse than ever. Maybe it's cos I can actually hit people now but my head shots still won't register?
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/itssofrosty/DeadAntelopeRiPepperonis Have people aleady seen this ridiculous exterm? edit: Nvm I'm a moron.
  6. Wow that is almost certainly it! Huge TV's like that are horrible for multiplayer games. The input lag is simply too high for your brain to make any kind of intuitive connection between what your thumb is doing and what your reticule is doing. I'd suggest investing in a monitor for any competitive gaming you want to do.
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