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  1. Man, i hope players footsteps aren’t too loud in Infinite, as it rules out being able to do 1v1’s properly. I really do miss the 1v1’s back in the Halo Reach days. they got the views on youtube too.
  2. I’m fucking back. @sionhughes fuck off
  3. works for XBOX game studios. he’s an inside source - id say this would give us a pretty big hint.
  4. Looks like sprint is confirmed for Halo Infinite. Edit: yes hello i’m back
  5. You're not allowed to comment on anything to do with Moses.
  6. Daily reminder that Moses FPS is the greatest in the fucking business. The fact that he could literally ask for a job at 343 and basically get it, shows the effort he puts in. the official Halo twitter account follows him, as well as HCS, Goldenboy, most 343 members, Ninja, H3CZ, etc. Hes the baddest of the bad bois.
  7. MFW sky bet doesnt do Halo anymore won like £100 accumulators every week lmao
  8. Stage looks exactly the same as last time doesnt it? Not complaining though - its absolutely beautiful! Any chance we can see Bravo stage?
  9. Here is my final letter of good luck to LethuL and his TOX teammates. Before I go into it, thank you LethuL for the hard work and dedication to streaming every night and for the crazy stories every night. So without further a due, lets get into it.
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