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  1. Really enjoyed that. Shame about the lack of halo this year but would rather get the right Halo in 2019/2020 then a poor one this Christmas. Main disappointment was no fable smh
  2. Imagine if Halo released an multiplayer only, free to play halo game, with cosmetic only in-game purchases like fortnite. With the possibility of cross platform play and able to play it on Xbox, PC and mobile. Original Halo style arena simple gameplay, then add on more maps and possibly firefight and WarZone to add a new Req pack style income. To introduce Halo to the newer generation of gamers and help kickstart Halo again.
  3. How has Ace's stock fallen so much in the past 12/18 months? He went from being really good and arguably best player outside the top 4 teams, to finishing top 4 at least top 6 consistently. To a team that wouldn't make the Pro league if it came back. I'm not trying to say he should be on a better team right now, because I don't think his performing anywhere to the standard he was when he was carrying OG and when Str8 was top 4. I'm asking what the hell happened!?
  4. Ace has tweeted something about no friends in business. Suspect he's been dropped. Could I finally get my Rayne Hammy Ace team I've been wanting all year?
  5. I've been hungover for two days now. Any suggestions? Wanna watch some halo but the noise and light is fucking with me so bad
  6. If Halo wants to copy fortnites success. Don't copy the game mode. Copy the structure. Halo online, multiplayer only Halo game, free to play. In game money to buy armor and skins. Get people playing and trying halo again. I only enjoy fortnite because it's free so all my friends have it.
  7. So basically Texas Rangers Co-owner wanted some of that Esports money. But instead of making a team from scratch wanted to grap the biggest Console org for the fan base. Then get rid of all none essential assets and go PC with tier one Esports only. How did Optic not see this coming?
  8. I don't even know what sport that it is, but fuck the Rangers.
  9. This whole thing reminds me of the Family guy episode "The real life Griffins". Optic was successful because it was a family. Now corporates are involved the soul has been lost.
  10. Wasn't it all for the Overwatch team aswell? Talk about gambling.
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