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  1. GT: Power Raanger I always have custom lobbies
  2. Ok cool guy, i'll take that as a no
  3. Is there a chat room on this site?
  4. Forgive me for not spending time to read all the previous comments but where's the LAN at if you do plan on having a new one.
  5. I pissed on my neighbors car door handle for parking in my way
  6. Yeah i've been playing GTA a lot too haha
  7. Yeah, Reach v7 is still good though. It's just a different style of Halo with the DMR, almost plays kinda like Halo: CE, i still enjoy the ZB DMR a lot. But the BR is fun as well. To each their own i guess but yeah i would play Halo 3 more because it has better maps obviously and it's a more fun game. If Halo 3 had brought back Sanctuary and had hit scan it would have EASILY been the greatest game of all time with no arguments of comparison to any other Halo game period.
  8. There needs to be some serious dedication such as forming leagues to have tournaments for Halo 2/3/Reach MLG v7 (what ever your cup of tea is) for it to be revived, even if they are small leagues, smaller than AGL. It's possible without a doubt, there just needs to be a lot of work done and a community behind it. Games like TETRIS have done this. Big TETRIS Tournaments stopped for a good ten years then there was some dedicated people with not a lot of money, just dedication, connections to good players and knowledge of the game. Now TETRIS has tournaments for lots of money with a lot of people in the community. This is also how card games are run like Yu-Gi-OH and Magic...etc (all from a community) Believe me, something like this is possible. Unfortunately the Halo scene is filled with just a bunch of idiot kids with terrible attitudes, living at their parents house with no Jobs and no motivation other than to sit on the internet and complain about Halo. If you guys really want to bring back Halo you have to stop talking out of your asses and start making moves, no one is gonna do it for you. It's possible, AGL did it first try with Halo 4, and no offense to those guys but it's pretty obvious that they are only motivated for Halo 4 and the potential income it brings. It's just a couple of rich kids using the Halo community as a way to bring in income and get themselves noticed. You can't buy knowledge and skill, these are the things that will get you far and bring up a community. Money only buys you the resources and these resources are not that expensive if you have lots of dedicated people helping out. Seriously guys grow some balls and start working together instead of raging at each other. The Halo community needs to start working together if we want these things to happen for at least the old games. We already have the games so no development support is needed. Development support is only for current games. Old school games are left for the community. Go watch "Ecstasy of Order" (TETRIS Documentary) and tell me it's not possible to bring back old games.
  9. Are they able to fix the shot registration as well?
  10. I don't think there is anything official about Halo 4, this game is bad. At this point we are just doing what is the best game type. It's safe to say that this game was dead from release date. There are hundreds more people playing H3 and Reach MLG v7. If someone is gonna make a NS league (which we can all agree is the better game type) then let them, this game can't die anymore than it has. Halo is hibernating until Halo 5.
  11. Take out sprint, bring back de-scope and get better maps, and that's just the mechanics. Personally i also think the game is just visually un-appealing and sounds bad as well. Halo has always been straight forward, smooth an simple from every angle of mechanics, visuals and sounds, a perfect receipt. I see Halo as food, if you over do it with too many ingredients it will come out tasting nasty. Yes i understand we are in a new age and everyone wants to be revolutionary but somethings are better left to their roots. Just like an old family recipe thats been passed down from generation to generation, sure it's ok to maybe spice it up just a tad with a side dish but never try to make it something that it's not.
  12. Whats up guys. I don't know how to start this off so i guess i'll just do it like everyone else in the most unoriginal way possible. I live in LA, age 20, I've been playing competitive Halo since Halo: 3. Played Halo: CE/2 casually at friends house (wasn't much of a gamer until Xbox 360). You can usually find me on Reach or Halo 3, I'm almost never on H4. I'm just a down to earth dude that loves the art of competitive Halo, so if you ever wanna talk or play just hit me up.
  13. Please no, the ark is terrible. sure it's a good/pretty forge map but it plays so unorganized with all the long range battles an unorthodox spaces. Not good for competitive play.
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