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  1. @Knighty Knight Yeah. Halo’s had these lapses, like from 2012-2014 (minus global champs I guess), 2019-2020 where the opportunities and hype just don’t seem to be there, and the scene stagnates. Plus this huge Infinite wait doesn’t help. Meanwhile Cod is still pumping out games yearly. We lost arguably the number 1 and 2 best Halo players in the world. That hurts. It was such a pleasure to watch Frosty and Shotzzy compete. Side note, did 2gre just get revenge on Frosty and drop him?
  2. @Knighty Knight @Trespa5s Thanks! Man, the talent Halo loses to CoD, makes me sad sometimes.
  3. Wow, I didn't know Crimsix was that good at Halo, where did he place top 4? I didn't know Clayster played H4 either, Do you remember what events he competed at?
  4. Tsquared in H1 and H2, out of his 5 wins only beat the Ogres/Walshy twice, and one of those was a team slayer only tourney, the other few events the Ogres/Walshy didn't attend. I valued each Halo game about the same except H4, it is understandable if you devalue H5 because of radar/autos/abilities but H5 was a competitive game with a high skill gap. Seeing as Splyce players are switching to COD they probably won't make the top 30, but give them credit for what they accomplished. Agreed, 2gre made a ton of clutch plays from 2010-2012 in 49-49 games, game 5s etc. All those guys are really close for me, Legit was an absolute beast 07-08, Heinz was mvp of 2009 if I remember correctly and had success in a bunch of Halo games up to and including H5.
  5. Looking back I agree, mistake on my part. I didn't really take into account any BeachLAN stuff. I only considered each game during "its era", which is why random H2 pros made it over the BeachLANers. EU and other international pros have only occasionally placed well at NA events, and I didn't consider EU or LATAM etc. only events. What is with the hate for Heinz?
  6. Agreed, it is impossible to make a perfect list that takes all the relevant variables into account. I considered all of those things you listed to at least some degree, with the exception of money. For me money won doesn't equal prestige won. If I were to take money into account the list would skew heavily towards H5. For example winning the 2016 HWC would count 10 times as much as a typical MLG National Championship.
  7. Royal 2 has more events wins, Royal 2 has two World Championships to T2's one National Championship, Royal 2 imo has more individual talent (he doesn't die and doesn't miss). They have both won events in three Halo games. Tsquared has had a longer career and was the face of MLG Halo, but I think R2 has surpassed him. Looking back on this probably a mistake
  8. Lethul is by far the most successful Halo player of the last four years. He has twice turned contenders into dynasties. Frosty is the MVP of a team who's dominance in Halo 5 has rivaled Final Boss's dominance in Halo 2. Naded hasn't won an event. Enable could be higher I'll give you that, he was a hell of a player in Reach and Halo 4, Halo 3 for that matter too, but I give an edge to the players above him for various reasons.
  9. Fair enough, perhaps I gave too much credit to those H1 guys for a couple very good placings vs consistent top 8 placings. Legend is LegendPimps. For me Mikwen and Hysteria are really close. Hysteria's reputation as somewhat toxic gives Mikwen the edge IMO. I don't claim to be an expert and you could easily switch them, especially if you really value H3 vs modern Halo. I am probably a bit biased towards Side as he is one of my favorite former pros. In my book, StrongSide's longevity gives him the edge, plus he had a dominant '07. But again, Karma was amazing in his prime and could justifiably be put ahead of Side. As for team success vs talent, I do value team success and winning more when determining greatness. Also, in a game where there are only four team members and switching teams to form the best rosters is fairly easy, winning is typically a good indication of individual talent.
  10. The Top 100 Pro Halo Players of All TIme Ogre 2 Ogre 1 Walshy IGotUrPistola Snip3down Lethul Roy SnakeBite Lunchbox Royal 2 Tsquared Saiyan Legit Frosty Heinz ShockWav3 StrongSide Karma Zyos ElamiteWarrior Victory X FearitSelf Gandhi KillerN APG Cloud GH057ayame Mikwen Ryanoob Neighbor Hysteria Naded Ace Shotzzy Strangepurple Formal Maniac SKHalogod Eco Ninja Foulacy Stellur Renegade Flamesword Enable Fonzi Darkman Defy Huke Assault Blaze Chig Goofy Shooter Clutch Alex Str8 Sick Cpt Anarchy Cratos bubu dubu Penguin Demon D Suspector Clockwork tiZoXiC Shizz Spartan Dersky el Town Best Man Destin Gintron Tupac Aries Mackeo Vash Contra Rayne Toxin Commonly Legend PreDevoNator Arkanum Slim Prototype Gabriel McGavin Nemassist Bonfire Soldi3r187 Calm Totz NistiC MuNoZ Soviet Mack Saiyan (TW) Itwasluck TriPPPey shook on3 Things taken into consideration: 4v4 Event placings top 8 or better ( H4 events count but for not as much) Winning Nationals/Worlds ( I consider EG winning both H2A Season finals equal to one) Pro Choice Awards/General consensus on who were the best players at the time FFA and 2v2 to a much lesser degree Success in multiple Halo titles This is completely subjective and my own opinion. However, I did a lot of research when making this list. But I am just a fan of Halo esports, not an expert, and I didn't start watching events live at all until 2010. So my list perhaps skews in favor of new age pros. Also, the sources I used were incomplete and potentially inaccurate. I found less info on older H1/H2 pros that are lower on the list, and I didn't watch them live. Take this list with a grain of salt. I made it just for my own amusement, but perhaps people here will find it interesting. What do you think of it? Any pros I was particularly unjust to? Anybody I completely missed who should be in the top 100? Who is your top 10 or top 20 after the conclusion of Halo 5?
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