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  1. Just realized Yiws got dropped sad times. From what I'd seen (imo) Boamx looked like the weakest link in that squad. Dastroyed and Nem can really turn it up so it'll be interesting to see if this change helps them moving forward. Can only assume I saw too little of their play to get a fair assessment. Think Yiws will be a great pickup for another AM squad, the guy can go off.
  2. Looks like Ninja just loves that respawn screen. If he's not in it himself he's contributing to someone else being in it. At least no one can call his play-style boring! Interesting to see the whole of LG take up 4 of the 7 least 'assisting' players too. Love a good set of stats!
  3. That is such a tough question... I can't make that call. All four were solid this season, I can't see who's going to tail off first... Their talents compliment each other so well at the moment. But.. seeing as it is 'Carry Lethul Gaming' I'll take the easy option and call Lethul as he takes the stick the best
  4. I'd prefer Jimbo > Kimbo.. but I think I may be bias as I watch his stream a lot - on a good day either of them can be right up there. It's pretty late in the day, but if there's a space in another roster I'm sure Kimbo will walk into it if he wants it. Real shame he's been left in the lurch so close to lock though... Fingers crossed for him.
  5. Nice read @@TiberiusAudley. Sounds like a decent setup. Also, if we ever go down the CS:GO road and get rid of 'Coaches' ( ). I'm sure being the Analyst will be the safer option to keep your role!
  6. An invite to that chat would be looooovely. Be a good way to avoid some of the Booty Man spam in Lxthul's chat Username: RubioDan Thaaaaaaaaanks :glasses:
  7. Getting back on that nostalgia train... I'm 27 next month and did the same - Halo:CE came with my original xbox which we bought from Toys 'R Us a couple of weeks after release in the UK. It was actually my Dad who said he thought it looked good at the time (I hadn't a clue - I actually wanted PGR!). Dad and I would just replay 'Assault on the Control Room' and 'Silent Cartographer' again and again. #OhThemNostalgiaFeels
  8. Sounds like we need more 'ninjas' to make ninja less ninja... Translation: If we had more marketable players in the game, we'd have a more marketable game. And you'd stop orgs fighting over individuals if there's more to choose from. Even get to the point where the teams are picking the organisations rather than the other way around... :holmes:
  9. Close to mine. I'd swap Contra & Devon for Spartan and Pistola though. Another Two favs from me are Respectful/Mose too, but I'm not brave enough to say top 12 without seeing them face NA teams.

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