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  1. We could all trade in our H4 discs and donate that money to the tournament But in all seriousness, I'd love to donate money. If everything works out, I hope all the major Halo streamers will link the donations page in their streams
  2. Oh okay. Sweet! I wasn't able to watch all of the Beyond Round Table
  3. So after hearing about Gandhi working with UGC to bring us a Halo tournament, I had a thought. IF the tournament actually happens, why doesn't Gandhi or maybe another incredibly credible person in the H3 community (ahem. Saucey or Beyond staff) set up an Indiegogo so that people who can't fly out to the event can still support Halo by donating and adding money to the prize pool? I know I would definitely chip in to an Indiegogo campaign to add money to the prize pool. Does anyone know if this is a feasible idea? Would anyone else be down to add $$ to the prize pool? I think this would be a great way of showing others (perhaps even 343i) how passionate the Halo community is about a game they love. Or it could show how dead Halo really is if there's only like $5 in the entire Indiegogo campaign.
  4. Based on the concept art, those maps look better than the maps we got in the actual map pack.
  5. They're most likely only going to let you chose one or the other as a perk. I'd like to think 343i isn't silly enough to let players use both
  6. Did they say they were offering Pitfall and the new gametypes after 2 weeks? Or was it just the new gametype?
  7. I think the community's dislike for Ryanoob is undeserved. Sure, he might not know when the best time to say things is, but most of his teammates and peers have good things to say about him. The community can only really get a glimpse at a person's personality and values based on what's shown in streams, but since his teammates and fellow Halo pros (who actually know him personally) say he's a nice guy, then we, the community, should take their word for it. You can tell Ryan really wanted to help his teammates on Classic, especially when he met up with Roy one time and showed Roy the kinds of mistakes Ryan noticed in Roy's gameplay. Personally, I enjoyed watching his streams. After some of them, he'd talk some strategy and point out some of his teammates mistakes. It was really a good learning experience for his viewers. I think Classic should have waited one or two more tournaments before making moves, since Classic placed second at UMG and were only going to get better. How good would Classic have been? We will never know. After dropping Ryan, Classic has somewhat become like the Warriors when they picked up APG. I hope Classic's objective game doesn't worsen from this move, since Ryan was very good at doing the dirty work during OBJ games.
  8. https://twitter.com/bsangel/status/346203101553889280 #kyle tsk tsk
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