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  1. Thanks! Yeah I'll have a H2A competitive montage in the next year sometime once I get enough clips
  2. Someone pick me up Gt: vinicent Twitter: vinicentH2A
  3. In honor of H2A coming I give you vinicent's first Halo montage- edited by Coach Scil. Let me know what you guys think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQRZExREs6Q Follow me on twitter: @vinicentH2A Follow me on XBL: vinicent Follow Coach Scil: @SCILfilms & @Messersmith_H2
  4. I could use a code.. DM on Twitter @vinicentH4 Thanks! Also, if I get a key where do I put it to download the game?
  5. okay thanks guys i will try that
  6. I have the 2012 mix amp... Does that matter?
  7. I figured out that it isn't ny mic now.. no idea what the problen is..
  8. So does anyone know how we get both pasees for 300? All I see is seperate h3 and h4 passes for 200 a piece
  9. I posted this on the astro forums but didn't get a response... I figured this was my best bet. When I talk on Xbox live my voice fades in and out and no one can hear me. I'm pretty sure I narrowed the problem down to my detachable mic. So my question is where can I buy a detachable mic for astro a40 2012 edition? Astro sells a mic for the 2011 edition.... Will that work? (P.s. sorry if this isn't under the right thread.. I didn't know where to post it and I'm trying to get this fixed ASAP before AGL 10)
  10. Vinicent Victoh and Ay ay ace T03 need a 4th. We are all from cincinnati ohio and lan weekly for practice. So obviously we prefer if you are somewhat near us, but if not we can make something work out. We will be running games on Monday and Tuesday evening. We all have event expirience, so we prefer if you did too. my twitter is @vinicentH4 if you want a quick response
  11. Gt: vinicent Cincinnati Ohio I team with Ay ay ace (curvedfuture23) and Victoh who are from cincy as well

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