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  1. HWC is coming up and I'd like to be in a team when it happens. Also happy to play with other individuals and if a team forms a team forms. A few things about me: Age - 24 Location - UK, Leeds Played Halo since - 2001 Team Arena rank - As high as Onyx Favourite team - Envyus Message me or reply to this thread and we'll see if I fit the team and the team fits me Gamertag is 'FullxEnglish'
  2. Gamertag: FullxEnglish I am 23 I live in the UK I have played Halo since Halo 1 and online since Halo 3 (brigadier in Halo 3, Inheritor in Halo Reach) About Onyx 1900 has been my highest rank I watch HCS Have been on previous teams I'm looking to find the right team for me, whether that be by joining an existing team or by pulling a team together myself. Teams please message me and try me out. FA's I will be adding you, feel free to do the same to me. My main goal right now is to get deeper into the competitive community and to get to know more people, so please also contact me if you're in need of a substitute or temporary replacement. Edit: Currently not looking for a team
  3. Update: I have found a number of people interested and consistently playing with a few. I have not yet locked in a lineup and I'm still looking for a few more people to try out so the team can get the best start possible
  4. What I need 3 people over the age of 18 with headsets willing to put in several evenings of practice a week Preferences: Played previous Halo games Knows call outs and other map knowledge Watches competitive Halo Has previously been and Is capable of being Onyx in a playlist Basic understanding of starting strategies Can control their temper Though the above is preferred I am willing to be patient with less experienced players if I believe that you are the right fit so don't be afraid to enquire. The plan To create a team of people that blend well together and play to a consistent schedule If you are looking for a team that is going to grind Halo every night then this isn't the team for you. I'm looking for people that have other commitments and hobbies going on in their life but are still interested in being part of an esports team. And while this is an esports team I still want this to be an enjoyable experience. None of this however takes away from the fact that this will be taken seriously. We will still run through strategies, watch our match game clips and compete both inside and outside tournaments. The only difference is we'll be treating this like any other competitive sport by starting with low commitment ( 2 to 3 evenings a week) and building up slowly. By doing this we will minimise the frustration that new teams often struggle with and we will improve slowly through a consistent roster and schedule. As we start to improve and become more comfortable playing together we can add extra practice and commitment, but it means we wont be putting a ton of time in to something that might not work. From the above information I think its clear I am in no rush to get anywhere. I just want a team that I can consistently improve with, no matter how small those improvements are. About Myself I am 23 I live in the UK I have a full time job I have played Halo since Halo 1 and online since Halo 3 (brigadier in Halo 3, Inheritor in Halo Reach) I was in a Halo 5 team for several months but in the end I felt they weren't the right players for me About Onyx 1900 has been my highest rank I play many other Xbox games If you like what you've read comment below or send me a message. My username is FullxEnglish on just about everything, including Xbox Live
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