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  1. Been searching for a match for about 20 minutes and still no games found lol, this patch has made it worse so far. I also got uneven teams last night when I played.
  2. I went from being addicted to playing Halo 40 hours per week back in my teen years to not even playing video games at all anymore at 23. Makes me sad that I don't enjoy gaming anymore, I thought I'd be playing video games for the rest of my life. I guess it's time to move on to better things.
  3. I'm still getting uneven teams. This should of been fixed already.
  4. I can't get past the main startup screen in MCC now, it now tells me MCC took too long to start. It's been this way for 25 minutes now. Nice going 343...
  5. Not buying anything Halo from 343 ever again. 343 is such a joke of a company.
  6. I hope 343 will fix Halo 3's brightness, I'm going blind over here lol.
  7. I'm still getting uneven teams and sometimes in Halo 2 it takes me a minute to respawn...
  8. I just browsed the waypoint forums and someone said BR slayer is killing Halo lol.
  9. I'm done with Halo and I'm selling my Xbox One. Too much disappointment I just can't take it anymore. I haven't enjoyed Halo since the early days of Halo 3. Thank you to everyone in the Beyond Community.
  10. I rarely post here and this will probably be my last post. I have been disappointed with Halo too many times, I have decided that I'm done with the Halo franchise. I have been a Halo fan since 2003 and I have had enough being disappointed with Halo: Reach, Halo 4, Halo: MCC and Halo 5 doesn't look much better. I think I will sell my Xbox One and switch to PC Gaming or something. Thank you everyone in the Beyond Community! Take care everyone!
  11. If the Halo 5 beta isn't good I think I'll quit gaming, Halo is the only game I play these days and I have been disappointed with every Halo since Halo 3. From watching the Halo 5 beta gameplay it doesn't look like it'll be a fun game. I hope I'm wrong and the game is good.
  12. Playing FFA on Hang Em High on Halo CE, felt like the best game I ever played, lol.
  13. Hell my name is Michael and I'm new to Beyond, I've been playing Halo since 2003. It's my first time joining any forum, lol, nice to meet you.
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