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  1. a little off-topic but Shotzzy got the MVP nomination in his first season as a CoD pro.
  2. You made a really good point. I was convinced only one side was really in the wrong until i saw that people were ready and taking a video of the incident before it happened hoping to record the reaction. Just a shitty situation all around.
  3. First Halo: CE Favorite Halo: H2 First Competitive Halo: H5 Least Played Halo: CE or Reach Favorite Gun: H5 Magnum Favorite Map: Lockout or Headlong Favorite Pro: Contra
  4. He was legitimately impressive too. He needs better consistency though.
  5. i like h1-3, reach, and h5. Can't we all stop bitching about the games we hate? We're coming off of 3 years of people complaining about h5, now we get h3 and some people still can't drop h5.
  6. Off topic but Frosty vs Huke is about to happen in Cod Pro League
  7. Yeah if its done anything like OWL i think its a really bad idea. Look at the OWL teams, there isn't a single one in the middle of the country. Theres not even a Chicago org. They have 2 LA orgs but none in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri. Hopefully CWL doesn't alienate people like that because i've enjoyed wathing COD lately. I definitely can't see it working for halo though.
  8. Not more powerful than the h4 mantis. That thing was an easy 40-0 if you had decent teammates
  9. i've been getting teamkillers a lot and i have to just let it happen because if i quit i get banned. really lame.
  10. So many quitters and team killers on MCC. only 1 normal game out of my first 5
  11. Anyone know if Musa ended up on a team? i know he's been playing COD and left Trifecta but haven't seen anything since.
  12. You aren't wrong, Clayster had no clue what he did here. https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedGrotesqueKeyboardThunBeast
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