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  1. They dropped str8 sick to make themselves look better. There's no other possible reason to drop a player better than Maniac and Apg.
  2. Good for him. I'll be rooting for ALG when and if he and shooter join Contra/Predev
  3. Maniac had no logical reason to drop str8 sick, and Hecz pretty much called him out on teaming to win > 8th place with friends. Lol at Optic Halo, and Maniac. He says str8 sick wasn't the right 4th. Maybe you ace and apg aren't the right 3?
  4. It's not blind hate and its not Lethuls fault Ninja is annoying and has an erratic playstyle.
  5. Only reason he was on a top 4 team last season was Hamy/Peng. He won't be on a top 4 team this season.
  6. Saw a comment about how in 4 months Halo went from a 2 mil tournament to this. Heres to hoping they fix this, i dont care about viewers i just want quality dammit.
  7. Dwelled on it enough to bring 3/4 of the team to Cali and not practice mmkay. Its pretty easy to tell str8 cares more, if you watch his streams. Tell me more Optic Pajama 88
  8. Sucks for Str8 and Apg because it genuinely sounds like they care on stream and Ace and Maniac come off content following the COD team around.
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