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  1. Exactly. Also why OGRE2 didn't dominate or necessarily do "well" in CoD when he transferred over. It has its own skill just like any other modern esport. Also missed y'all <3
  2. I was wondering this as well. Best Halo 5 pro player placement was Frosty but he was surrounding by a much more veteran squad. For Halo pros to transfer they need to surround themselves with good CoD pros and develop like Enable and Formal did.
  3. LATAM deserves a Mexico based LAN like Mexico City and a South American LAN in Bra7il because I know the Brazillian scene is always popping in esports.
  4. Really smart to be honest but go Canes! Sucks they are calling it "competitive gaming" because that sounds soo dumb. Shame there isn't more discussion of Australian halo! A cummie was on mainstage (Monza) but her team got 3-0d by Immunity.
  5. Voltage at LAN scared the fuck out of me. Dude is massive and jacked but nice af.
  6. I mean TriPPPey and Rammy were AMs that kind of came out of nowhere. I remember when Shotzzy was a 2v2 TB kid and I haven't heard of Neptune til recently.
  7. Damn you're cheating on me smh. None of these plebs prolly know who Grey team are or why the UNSC Infinity is one of the most overrated ships of the post H4 era smh #Top5AnimeBetrayals
  8. I saw at least 6k viewers on the Twitter stream during the LB finals which was a little shocking to me I guess? Idk what it peaked at tho but the Twitter stream is practically periscope in terms of UI which is nice on mobile.
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