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  1. I hate to be that guy, but can anyone update me on the current state of the Halo rosters? Obviously CLG is still the same, and I know about the new nV. What else is going on? Thanks in advance.
  2. It's really not that bad, it's just frustrating knowing it could be so much better. It's only the first week.
  3. If a player has a power weapon, we should be watching him every time. It's really not rocket science.
  4. I hate to complain because it's only the first week, but this is not good. Hope the production gets better.
  5. Serioulsy...I'm so sick of it. What's the point? I can already see everyone on the map.
  6. Should not be possible to miss a game. Very worrying. Lack of communication.
  7. Am I the only one that doesn't like the player outlines? I would prefer not to know the location of all the players. Just my opinion. Although it was interesting to see RNG spawn and over extend immediately at one point in that game.
  8. I'm pretty sure Optic has said that Truth flag is their best game type. This might be the end for the French Toast Mafia.

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