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  1. Anyone else sick of lag outs counting as losses? I haven't lost a warzone match in over a thousand games but have 10+ losses from lagging out thanks to these shitty servers.
  2. True the servers are that bad, i guess i could check in theater to see if he stopped moving for a second before he left or not? The other way would be to ask him or his teammates lol
  3. If we were to make Unyshek rage quit, does he get banned? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Swan/screenshot/4278716
  4. The whole point of this thread is to get people's opinions, I find matchmaking a big deal for a good multiplayer experience, saying it's illogical to not like a game because of its lack of features is irrational. IMO the maps on Halo CE were mostly not thought out, the movement was awkward and fidgety and the pistol was too OP. I'm allowed to have that opinion, sure if the game had a proper matchmaking system it would be bumped up above Halo 4 on my list however I had a better and prolonged experience on Halo 4 due to the matchmaking.
  5. Yup lol, sheep mentality, just because I didn't 10/10 Halo CE, when it's talking about multiplayer experience Halo CE is objectively inferior which is why I voted it so low (No matchmaking, no ranks, little to no player customization)
  6. Halo 1: 4 Halo 2: 8 Halo 3:9 Halo 4: 5 Halo Reach: 4 Halo 5:9
  7. It also doesn't make sense that a super soldier can't run and shoot at the same time. Which is how the other halos played, yes the running speed was slowed down but it also meant for more strategical game play, rather than who can shoot first or crouch strafe better. I mean lets be honest if you were a super soldier with enhanced tactical knowledge you wouldn't be running around a map like a headless chicken knowing there are other super soldiers trying to kill you.
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