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  1. I used to run either elf or human, might stick with that.
  2. Definitely going to start playing this again tho its been years. Would love to get into some private lobbies.
  3. I think I'm more nervous for boam than he is for himself man. Feel like Aly Raismans parents at the Olympics right now. One more series to make it to relegation!
  4. Not sure why people were saying the FFA is BR starts but its not, just to clarify.
  5. Don't think that's all the teams, just the teams they felt were worth mentioning. Why some of those teams are there, when others like Panda arent is me tho.
  6. Now all I'm gonna be thinking about is HCS Vegas for the next week. I've been following comp Halo since the first ever H3 MLG event and this event will barely be the first event I attend. Insane, but excited to see pros who I've been watching on streams for like 8 years now and to cheer on my cousin boamx at his shot at making it to relegations.
  7. As boam's cousin, was kinda bummed today when he sent me the text about what happened. Hope he can find a good team for Vegas still. Had already bought a ticket to cheer him on at Vegas, so he better find a team or else I'll be forced to make a first round team of my own lmao.
  8. Anyone else more concerned that, as good as the event was, only about 30 teams showed up? Not sure how much financial incentive there is for UGC to host another one. Edit: I should add that I wasn't too surprised about the turnout either, it being so close to Vegas makes it difficult for AMs to go to both.
  9. Awesome, really excited to see some SR being played at a high level again! Its been too long.
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