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  1. Anyone noticing join in and player left lag in game in customs? Noticing it every time.
  2. @@TheGodlyNoob, tried key and phone activation, could not get either activated. There is a chance that they have removed activation support for GFWL titles (or certain ones) and I assuming at this point, only those who have already activated the game at a certain point are able to play the PC version still. That is just pure speculation.
  3. Good chance the activation server is no longer accepting keys or not online. I'll have to check tomorrow when I get some free time.
  4. Have you tried setting the shadowrun.exe to Windows Vista or 7 compatibility?
  5. With Shadowrun I believe it is a little different. You have to activate it before the game launches which is the key difference between it and H2PC. What OS are you on?
  6. Have you tried to reinstall the game and redo the key activation part? Not sure about the validation process unless the activation server was shutdown (that I am not aware about).
  7. If you can get on around 11:30PM EST tonight let me know or message me.
  8. Looking to run games with any F/A's for next HCS season. Our team is currently: Wzrd on Mars Drase Ryu YoshinJaaa Message me here or send a message to on Xbox gt:"YoshinJaaa" EDIT: Had some players message me to run with scheduling conflicts. Currently we are only able to play between 11:30PM EST- 4AM EST daily, with the exception of getting on earlier periodically due to work schedules. If you are able to play within this time constraint, feel free to let me know.
  9. This part from what I've gathered no longer works for those even in the US, at this point if you really want to play this game (without Live multiplayer), I would advise getting a legit copy or universal games for windows live (gfwl) product key.
  10. There have been no known cases of banning from playing on a cracked version, and right now online multiplayer via Live is not working.
  11. You can use Network + a virtual LAN client to tunnel that way, kind of a pain in the ass though
  12. The activation server may be down, but to let you know ahead of time, the game's master server is completely offline, so if you are trying to play online you will be unable to.
  13. Glad you got it fixed. I haven't really played Shadowrun in some time, since I have been busy with work and life in general, but I know that there is a group of players that play customs occasionally, and last I checked, the population is quite low most times in the day. Hopefully when Xbox One Backwards Compat comes out, the population will surge pretty well.
  14. Pretty sick Halo Custom Game Browser/LFG tool, also mobile friendly. http://halolobbies.com/
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