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  1. Hope everyone enjoyed the event over the weekend and thanks for sticking with us through the difficult times
  2. Our bad on the player list for each team. Here it is if people want to reference it:
  3. Means a lot to read comments like this. I'll pass it on to the rest of the team
  4. I shall pass on the message. He'll be a happy man tonight!
  5. Hey guys. I'll be around all weekend so if you have any comments, feedback or queries feel free to fire them my way. Either on here on Twitter is fine. Hope you enjoy the show!
  6. Really looking forward to watching the Orlando Open this weekend. Safe to say setup is well underway at the Gfinity Arena for the weekend after
  7. So proud of all the team that made this event possible. Production and league ops knocked it out the park! Also, thanks to 343 for allowing us the opportunity to run another event. They are a pleasure to work with.
  8. It's awesome reading all your comments guys. Glad you're enjoying the event so far. Two more days still to go!
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