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  1. Someone in the Pro League thread mentioned Oddball and it got me thinking. Has Oddball been tested or really brought up at all? I know it's way too late now...but it was a staple gametype for so long, and now even though it's possible we've completely ignored it for Pro League. I'm super curious about it now.
  2. Has Oddball been tested at all? Seems like it would work way better than Assault, and IMO more entertaining to watch.
  3. I think I've settled on 2.5/2/2. Last night was the first time I've played since the aim settings update, crazy how much of a difference it makes. I have an Elite controller and through the Accessories app (or whatever it is that maps paddles for the Elite) you can adjust the right stick to have a couple different sensitivity curves. I applied one of those and it made the default aiming more tolerable, and the adjusted aiming even better. I can see how people have a crisis with their settings, because you can try something different and it will work great one game, then feel off in another. I'm trying my hardest to pick one as fast as possible and stick with it.
  4. I'm really hoping for this too. The map pool we have isn't all that bad to be honest (at least it isn't 3 maps total), but having more maps would be great. Since we have a decent pool already, I'd love to see some maps come out that are tailored to a gametype...like focus on a map that plays exceptionally well for CTF, or Assault. If we can get a few more maps added, and implement a pick/ban system we will be in extremely good shape going forward.
  5. Overshield

    NFL Thread

    Welp...this is off to a rough start. Poor Jags. I think Ramsey will be fine...it just isn't a good sign.
  6. Ironically enough..you could make a GT named Character Limit and it would fit perfectly.
  7. I tried forever to get just "Chroma" because it had defaulted to a goofy gamertag, and I stepped away for maybe 10 minutes and came back to try again and someone already claimed it So I said screw it and went with a totally different name. Some people got incredibly lucky with their new tags..I saw someone got Naughty, which is pretty awesome.
  8. Yup. Microsoft released a ton of old gamertags that were inactive that never got moved to the Xbox 360. If you were really on top of it, you got a new GT like Water, Naughty (best one IMO), Etc. You'll see a lot of simple one word gamertags out there and active now. EDIT - This was supposed to be a quote to @@BanditOH. Didn't work for some reason.
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