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  1. So far I've had balanced matchmaking, maybe 2 people on each team at a high level and 2 at a medium to low which is promising
  2. Exactly how I feel, I found it easier to take out people using autos when I had a pistol at close range as well; maybe just a 1 off thing but still thought I should add that.
  3. At HCS EU Finals they said that they were playing on the new update with ghost melee's apparently gone and 50% less aim assist this may be why?
  4. Feels bad having 20-30 mb/s download speed Probably doesn't help that I'm on my computer
  5. Current Team of 2 (GT: TE Sketch and Mr Jamieism) looking for two more to eventually compete in the Open Circuit and ESL. Onyx 2008 last season, 1638 this season (only played 50 odd games). Criteria: Open to reviewing strategy in Custom Games, not just playing online. Not too fussed about your current skill level you just need an understanding of Spawns and map knowledge. Able to play atleast 3x a week, the longer the better. Willing to learn and listen to advice as well as not be afraid of giving your own advice. MUST be from Europe. I'm open to anyone really and happy to run some games to see if you'll fit. About us: Both from the UK (1 Scotsman and 1 Englishman) with full time Jobs. Always positive (well maybe 99% of the time) Playstyle: 1 Slayer, 1 Obj player. We're both strat callers, I'm the in game leader. Aggressive players are more suited. That's about it, message me here or on Xbox, GT: TE Sketch. https://twitter.com/JoeSketch1
  6. I'm down to see a map, only if it's just one where no power weapons and ups are involved I just think Power weapons and Power Ups are in a lot of cases a way for the losing team to push out of a spawn trap. It may make it a very campy game with nothing but Brs and carbines, but if one map could make it work it would be Regret.
  7. Hi, I'm Joe Sketch, I've been playing Halo since 2007, went into competitive in Halo Reach (as Cr1zby, if anyone remembers me) but only picked up Halo 5 in May, since then I have loved everything to do with this community! I created a Youtube account to cover any HCS Event and give a History on the current eSports teams, these are some of my better videos: - EU Fall Season Recap and Preview for Finals - HCS Las Vegas Recap - HALO HISTORY: Team Allegiance
  8. Hey guys, I've just finished a video recapping the EU Pro League and giving a preview for finals I'd love for any of you guys to check it out! Joe Sketch.
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