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  1. Damn I would have attended this if I weren't on vacation
  2. gt: Cerebrull - Usually hovering around the 2000 range in Arena with a 6 kda but I haven't had as much time to grind in the past. Would like to play with some different people.
  3. gt: Cerebrull usually hovering in the 2000's for Arena but I haven't really gotten the chance to grind before. Anyone is welcome to add I'd like to run with some different people.
  4. This is a massive problem. I play bumper jumper so I use left bumper to jump. I've had the bumper just fall out on a stock, elite, and scuf controllers (Part of the problem is when I stabilize jump to reach higher places I mash the bumper). I've trained myself to not be so rough with the bumper but come on. 3 controllers? FeelsBadMan
  5. Need more peeps in the onyx / champion skill set to run with my friends are never on when I am. Gt: Cerebrull
  6. Lol yeah this thread is pretty dead. Obviously not much going on in Iowa as far as tournaments but I'd like to get customs going with more local players that might be interested in doing LAN's or something fun down the road. My tag was actually Cunny Reborn which is posted above but I'm back to my Cerebrull tag. Add gt: Cerebrull if interested! Living in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area.
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