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  1. How does the pro seeds work? LG I know had a seed because el town and victory x were on the team in the previous season, but with el town leaving to team with naded who was also on that team, does LG lose the seed because of that?
  2. Everyone on the last few pages of the old thread were talking about the 1-50 system and even though I do prefer 1-50 over the division ranks (diamond, onyx, champion) I think the best way to drive people to continue playing is adding the playlist exp like they did in halo 3. There was nothing better than getting your 50 then grinding for hours upon hours to reach your 50 with a 5 star general (2k exp if I remember correctly) in a specific playlist
  3. Man there is a 15 year old playing in this tourney likely making more money in one weekend then I do in a year of full time working Feelsbadman
  4. Just now seeing some of the str8 rigging stuff but my god I 100% believe brackets are rigged for str8. Playing winner of splyce/fab for top 4 where luminosity had to play liquid in groups then optic in winners bracket and likely envyus in losers. Str8 played liquid but that is likely the only top 3 team str8 could have any chance to win against so it makes since that tsquared and esl rigged the brackets the way they did for str8
  5. Just seems odd, a team placing into winners bracket should be guarunteed a higher placing then at least half the teams that placed into losers bracket. Then again we wouldn't have this problem if esl/343 didn't downsize worlds from last year, a 12 team world championship is absolutely embarrassing
  6. Did the stream ever mention why the teams that placed 3rd in their pool got a bye in first rounds of losers instead of playing another 3rd place team? Seems crazy to me that bar the impossible happening, envy could place 9-12 even though they made it through groups into the winners bracket
  7. Sad halo is in this state. If only they kept to the classic halo style with no sprint or other spartan abilities the scene probably wouldn't be dead af
  8. It's simple lol I can say whatever I want in this thread as long as it pertains to hwc. And what did allegiance place in the lcq top6? That means they are a top 13 team which in fact is not deserving of skins when there is 3 top 6 teams without skins.
  9. Hopefully they do. An amateur team doesn't deserve team skins before str8 and LG
  10. You realize just because cryptik is an org doesn't mean another org cant buy them out? Especially considering cryptik would sell the roster in a heartbeat considering they probably don't have near as much money as cloud 9, allegiance, etc.
  11. If splyce beats eg I bet they end up beating cryptik in both series. eg on the hand has 0 chance. Rip Roybox and goat
  12. Weird how so quickly he decided he would coach during worlds? Maybe he knew they didn't stand a chance? Glad tripppey didn't make it after leaving LG for a "better team" lmao
  13. Hahaha yes emo Sparty and "pro" team allegiance not going to worlds!! Now makes me wonder why they even have skins in the first place?
  14. Another team that had an org waste money on an am team. ALG Shoulda picked up crates' team
  15. I bet splyce is pissed realizing they wasted money picking up bubus squad
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