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  1. As long as this feature doesn't lock you into an animation and prevent scoping, shooting, or changing weapons for its duration
  2. 2 million people just got milked by 343
  3. From reading through this Twitter thread and watching the actual videos, it appears as though Jaxx was in the wrong in the Takedown-Jaxx incident
  4. Many of the tweets in that thread have since been deleted, could you fill us in on the details?
  5. Imagine having such a thin skin on the Internet You're telling me you went into the argument assuming everybody would agree with you, and when they didn't, you couldn't make your point properly, so you got emotional? If you say it enough times, it might become true.
  6. >negs me >gets negged for a low quality post >HOLY SHIT you are salty, you NEGGED me bro Imagine being this braindead I tried to CTRL+F that supposed quote, but I couldn't find it. Strange. Why don't you actually respond to the points I made in my post and make an argument against them? All that I can conclude from your inability to form a basic argument is that there's rationale for you feeling the way that you do. Classic motte and bailey, changing your position from "thrust is mostly used to cheese out of gunfights and because people are garbage at decision making" after I've provided evidence to the contrary to "thrust itself wouldn't even be that much a problem." Aim assist and magnetism can be easily turned down without removing thrust. They're not mutually inclusive like sprint and larger maps. Nobody ever said this What? This statement is either remarkably ignorant or woefully dishonest. Let's isolate some variables. Let's say there's an FPS in which players can at any point in time press 'X' to teleport 5 meters in front of an opposing player. The teleportation has a 0.5 second animation. Players are not able to shoot while the animation is taking place. This ability, according to your line of reason, is defensive. Why have you decided to ignore this entire paragraph addressing your argument that thrust's primary usage is to "cheese out of gunfights"? This is a huge change in what you initially argued. Are you planning to admit that what you initially said was wrong or just go on changing your position and pretending like you've made any good points? I'm also curious as to why you continually abstain from addressing most of my arguments. I make it a point to respond to every aspect of your post, but you ignore most of what I write, which makes it appear as though you cannot form counterarguments or defend your own original arguments. Every pro I've seen discuss thrust has had positive feelings toward the mechanic. It's rather difficult to be indifferent to such an import aspect of the game. Thanks, man
  7. You're making thrust sound like armor lock here, and it's extremely disingenuous. In past Halo games, maps were smaller and guns had less range, as maps were not designed around sprint, so it was possible to push into open territory and still back up without being melted. In Halo 5, that is not the case, so if players want to slowly push into an open area without support from teammates - they're likely going to die. It's not that players in Halo 5 make stupid decisions and then use a "get out of jail free card," they're making the initial decisions to challenge or push completely aware of the fact that they can use thrust if they start getting teamshot. Having thrust available becomes a part of the strategy. Do you understand the difference between these two concepts? This is a vacuous distinction. If the unique speed offered by the thrust slide cannot be achieved without thrust, then it's an inherent advantage offered by thrust. That's not even true. Let's take a look at a few minutes of the final official competitive Halo 5 broadcast. I'll tally the different (but in certain cases, similar) uses of thrust. I'm going to count everything I can see in the POV, not just uses by the POV player. I'll distinguish uses of thrust between strafe and escape based on whether or not the player in question is attempting to reach cover versus just dodging shots. I'll put offensive rechallenges in the strafe/gunfight category, as that's more of a gunfighting usage Gunfight: 8 Movement/Speed: 10 Escape: 7 I went to around 13:00 in the video linked above. As you can see, thrust's primary use is not to "cheese out of gunfights" as you claimed. Even in many of the cases in which it is used an escape mechanism, the utilization of thrust isn't acting to the detriment of the skill curve; for example, if an individual has just won a gunfight against an opposing player and has their shields down, they may thrust or thrust slide behind a teammate, or if the individual in question has not finished the initial gunfight, this can be incorporated into a bait and switch, without thrusts, this level of teamwork may not be as fruitful given Halo 5's low base movement speed respective to map size and gun range. Here we have yet another unsupported and erroneous claim. Ridiculous assertions such as these are the reason I questioned your own experience with the game. There's no way you could ever prove this as it's just not true; in fact, in high level octagons, *not using* thrust in gunfights is a strategy. For example, at the start of an octagon, I might just go for a crouchstrafe hoping to win the gunfight without having to use thrust, so if I do win the gunfight, when the opponent spawns and I am low shields, I can thrust to keep myself alive a bit longer and apply more damage. Not having a thrust in gunfights becomes a major problem if you were to thrust slide into an open area and an opponent gets the first couple shots. It can also be a problem if a player bases their entire strafe in an individual gunfight off of having the option to thrust (e.g. jumping into the air when neither person's shields are down), but that's simply a bad decision for which the player ought to be punished. >implying I'm trying to add to the discussion when I say that rather than just insult you for appearing to talk from a place of ignorance There's a reason most pros and competitive players actively want thrust to remain in the game, and your surface level analysis doesn't change that fact. Hopefully, you deliver a meaningful reply rather than just bs your way through more dumb generalizations.
  8. This is a remarkably superficial take. Thrust-based movement mechanics are essential to the current Halo 5 meta, and it's not because maps were designed with that type of movement in mind; plus, pros overwhelmingly agree that thrust contributes to the skill curve - they've never unilaterally objected to its inclusion in Halo. I'm not sure where you get this idea in your head that "Movement is literally the same in H5" without thrust, but it makes it seem like you have neither picked up the game since launch nor seen a tournament in the last three years. If thrust is "used to cheese out of gunfights," it's because the base movement speed is so low compared to the map size that it's unfeasible to reach cover and avoid being absolutely melted w/o thrust. This has also made the preservation of thrust a key aspect of decision making - use your thrust at a sub-optimal time and you're as good as dead. Thrust obviously augments the individual skill curve of gunfights as well. Everything I'm saying here is extremely evident given any modicum of time spent playing or watching the game, so I'm not sure why you appear to be so ignorant on the matter. You think hit markers are what ruined Halo 5? Not the bare husk of H5 and veritable drought of content at launch? Not the refusal by 343 to change the competitive game mechanics for more than a year, despite constant pressure from the entire competitive community? Not the randomized cosmetics system corrupted by microtransactions that utterly failed to incentivize any time spent grinding the game? Hit markers in general are fine; in fact, they're beneficial to Halo 5 online matchmaking - the game's shot registration online is inconsistent enough that hit markers are essential for players to know how many shots they've actually put into an opponent. Grenade hit markers, however, are a different matter entirely. If 343 actually listened to the pros and to the community, they would keep normal hit markers and get rid of grenade hit markers.
  9. In the Twitter thread below, @TheEld2 says "the gameplay will be exactly this: Sprinting, sliding, and clambering but nothing else" Does that mean there won't be any thrust? Thrust seemed to be the most liked advanced movement mechanic, and most pros I've seen discuss Halo Infinite agreed that it should be in the game.
  10. https://noobcombo.com/2019/05/02/halo-5-head-to-head-update-5-2-19/
  11. Seems a bit snowbally. I can't imagine a team of 12 with phaetons and scorpions losing to players on foot with magnums + BRs
  12. How were the movement options afforded by Ground Pound and Spartan Charge "game-breaking"?
  13. I wonder if the T-Pose Halo Theme Meme has brought any attention to the series
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