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  1. Still can't believe that this game doesn't come out until 2020. That means we're stuck with 343 for at least 2 more years. The day they hand the franchise over to competent game developers is the day I can finally turn my Xbox on again.
  2. I don't think im being "needlessly angry". This company has only delivered amateur products since they took over the franchise. I don't expect this one to be any better, that's all. Who knows I may be wrong but I doubt it due to their track record. MCC still not being fixed is enough reason for me to believe that. 343 loves to inspire false hope in Halo fans and blatantly lie to our faces. I have 0 trust in them. They are in denial. They think just because they see Chief's classic helmet return means that they are returning to classic Halo. That's just a marketing ploy to fool the veterans. I bet this Halo game will have some classic elements return but still be completely different like how Halo 5 was by giving us shit that we never asked for or needed in the first place.
  3. Classic Halo will not return. Anyone with any hope that we will ever see a true classic Halo game again is naive. This company is incapable of making a good Halo game. They have proven multiple times that they are incompetent fools that push amateur products. Can't wait to hear what excuses the 343 apologists will have this time when this game inevitably flops.
  4. So apparently the game isn't coming out until 2020... Do they expect us to play Halo 5 for 2 more years? I quit that shit like the first month of its release.
  5. LOL if anyone actually thinks that this is going to be a classic Halo game. Sure it might have aspects that hint that it might be but this is how they get you. They take 1 step forward and 343 steps back.
  6. New Halo game gets announced today... Hoping it doesn't look shit. But I don't have any expectations at this point.
  7. So i'm hearing this update made the game even worse? LOL pathetic. Props to you all still playing this awful game.
  8. I quit Halo about 2 years ago and I don't miss it at all. I play it maybe once every 3 months or so but nothing like I used to. 343i disgusts me and killed Halo.
  9. Yeah, I think i'd rather play Halo 4 competitively tbh. I just can't get used to Halo 5 no matter how hard I try. Had a similar experience in Halo Reach back in the day as well, but luckily for me, I had Halo 3 to fall back on at the time. Now, I have nothing because MCC is broken so i'm forced to play Halo 5 if I want to play a "properly functioning" Halo game.
  10. Played this game again yesterday for the first time in months and came to the conclusion that: I just can't get used to how this game plays even though I'm still good at every other Halo game when I go back and play MCC.. I just can't put my finger on why I'm having such a difficult time in this game compared to the rest of the games..., These are by far my least favorite maps in Halo history probably just as bad as Halo 4's maps if not worse, however I have to say that the things that people were able create in forge mode beyond impressed me. Hmmmm
  11. Friend was selling a bunch of Xbox one games and sold it to me for $5 since he didn't play Xbox anymore.
  12. I just re bought this game for 5 bucks after not playing it for like a year. I like how they have social/ranked split and a custom game browser. However this game just feels sluggish to me. I thought I was just bad at Halo now after not playing for like a year but I went back to H3 and dominated so I know its not that. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly but I think it has something to do with the aiming.
  13. I just want H3A EXACTLY like it was 10 years ago...

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