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  1. If the game still sucks after the delay then nothing can save this franchise in 343's hands.
  2. This is great so when the game inevitably loses 90% of its population by New Year's, 343 will be going bankrupt before they can conveniently add in Forge mode 5 years from now. This free 2 play thing might be a good thing after all because they won't be making any money
  3. I'll play Halo 4 any day over Halo Reach or Halo 5. All 3 still suck though. BR starts > any other weapon idc about the pistol if im being honest. BR is just more fun for me to use and I'm more comfortable with it. Halo 3 was the best in the series. Maybe not a unpopular opinion but I know a lot of people here hate it and I get why. H2A was pretty good and what Halo 4 should've been. Had potential to be better with more maps.
  4. free to play huh guess microsoft finally realized the worth of their product
  5. Game is already "finished" in their eyes. They aren't gonna change shit.
  6. Microsoft is a joke for not firing 343. It's like they just don't care about their #1 franchise.
  7. I'm gonna laugh so hard when this game doesn't launch with multiplayer.
  8. Hitscan takes less skill and makes it so that you can just fire all the way across the map. Projectiles promote map movement more and takes more skill.
  9. Game comes out in 3 months man. That's the final build. This is the Showcase afterall so this is the best they got
  10. I got $1000 on there not being a custom game browser at launch. Actually.... I bet the game will be a complete mess at launch. I mean look at this shit. Looks hella unfinished. They seriously said this game is going to last 10 years??? Well... expect Forge mode to be added in 5 years.
  11. I'm glad the majority's opinion on this game is that it looks like trash. Maybe it will get scrapped before release and 343 will get fired.
  12. Did they seriously avoid scoping in the ENTIRE presentation??? They are hiding something.. These sneaks at 343 think they are slick
  13. Good. Maybe 343 is getting replaced and they are rebooting the franchise.
  14. Does the game have normal scoping or smart scope??? Didn't really see. Also, this game looks so bad visually.. It took them this long to make this trash?

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