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  1. I quit playing Halo when Halo 5 came out but I still pop in here every now and then to get together with you guys and shit talk this horrible company.
  2. How can anyone find AR starts and this weak ass pistol fun unless they wear a helmet to school?
  3. they brought back BXB. hopefully its intended and they don't remove it lmao
  4. aiming is trash. even naded hates it lmao. how do you mess this up.
  5. how do you delay a game like 3 times and STILL not be done
  6. 343 strikes again LOOOOL Fire this trash company already
  7. i'm definitely down bro. i miss playing with you. its been years haha
  8. Played this game all day. This shit feels way better to play than that Halo Infinite flight. Not a perfect game but it's definitely fun to play. Infinite feels so much clunkier than this game. Things I would maybe change though -nerfs autos a bit -make bodyshots do less damage so that you are rewarded more for headshots. the carbine would still be a 3sk if you get the final headshot. -maaaaybe add nades but lowkey having fun without them lol, just feels kinda weird not having them I guess. But I can live without it. overall tho Splitgate > Halo Infinite flight
  9. Man this game would be way better if we just had BR starts. AR starts are so lame and always have been. The sidekick is complete shit too due to bloom.
  10. wtf im playing vs real people now haha
  11. maybe glitch was the wrong word haha. I don't think that it's intended, probably a programming error where they just forgot to add it in for those weapons without a scope. but the fact that they had 6 years to figure that out when it only took us a few hours makes me believe its intended.
  12. Gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it's just a glitch. (I hope)
  13. Please don't buy any microtransactions for this F2P trash. Let's kill this game month 1 so we can get a REAL Halo game in a year or 2 from a competent dev team.
  14. yeah Snip3down showed that there was. maybe he had the wrong settings or something idk
  15. So we got Bloom Clamber Heavy Aim Sprint This is shaping up to be the best Halo yet
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