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  1. I can't believe we didn't at least get a Halo 3 remaster this year to hold us over. Like do you expect us to keep playing that trash Halo 5? The fact that 343 is making us play a BAD game for 5 years straight shows that they are proud of what they have created. I fully expect Halo Infinite to be a failure at this rate.
  2. its gonna be some battle royale shit calling it now. Halo is dead, its just a cash grab at this point
  3. facts bro, they been on this cortana shit since halo 4. Let her die already or keep her alive. Make up your minds 343 nobody cares anymore
  4. LOL this is the best they got??? PS2 graphics on next gen hardware... Loving the new Halo 343! No gameplay? Why because you are scared to show off your fortnite clone? So we really have to live with Halo 5 for another year... pathetic
  5. I can see it already.... They will allow you to use the forge oracle in the multiplayer to build stuff and have Fortnite dance microtransactions that can be used at anytime during the match called Spartan Taunts.
  6. I really hope this game isn't another Battle Royale... But knowing this company there will probably be Fortnite dances included in Multiplayer.
  7. I mean... they better lmfao... They shipped a broken product and took years to even address its problems... The least they could do is fix the game they already sold us.
  8. Yeah true. But even if everyone had unlimited HDD space I doubt this company would do more than the bare minimum
  9. I'd assume the customization would be the same as the rest of the series. Limited.
  10. Halo 4 was trash, there's a difference. Halo 3 didn't fall off like that.
  11. Another announcement I would accept (and might even be happier to hear) is 343 stepping down from Halo completely and handing it over to a company that maybe doesn't consist of amateurs and apologizing for permanently ruining this franchise.
  12. Unless the announcement is patching in Halo 3 Anniversary into the collection then I don't really care tbh. I don't care if the PC nerds get the game or not because we all know they will just play the game for a week until they get bored. Give us real Halo fans something for once not Halo Wars or whatever your ignorant company thinks is acceptable for Halo 5 to still be the main game in 2019.
  13. Still can't believe that this game doesn't come out until 2020. That means we're stuck with 343 for at least 2 more years. The day they hand the franchise over to competent game developers is the day I can finally turn my Xbox on again.
  14. I don't think im being "needlessly angry". This company has only delivered amateur products since they took over the franchise. I don't expect this one to be any better, that's all. Who knows I may be wrong but I doubt it due to their track record. MCC still not being fixed is enough reason for me to believe that. 343 loves to inspire false hope in Halo fans and blatantly lie to our faces. I have 0 trust in them. They are in denial. They think just because they see Chief's classic helmet return means that they are returning to classic Halo. That's just a marketing ploy to fool the veterans. I bet this Halo game will have some classic elements return but still be completely different like how Halo 5 was by giving us shit that we never asked for or needed in the first place.

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