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  1. Yeah Halo has been dead for a while. It's absolutely insane how Microsoft even let this happen. I actually cannot believe this. Microsoft has the resources to hire the smartest game developers of all time yet they settle for a bunch of amateurs at 343 who probably outsource to even more amateur game devs in India. Fire 343 please.
  2. Played Halo 5 again and holy.. Take everything about Halo 5 and throw it out the window. Hate everything about it. The "smartscoping", the aiming, the maps, the movement, the sounds, the weapons.. All trash. It's just a bunch of kids thrusting/clambering all over the maps with 20 floors and endless windows making aiming a mess. I'll take another Halo 4 and even Halo Reach before Halo 5 because at least in those games people aren't zooming around the map clambering away in windows 24/7. I can confidently say that Halo 5 is the worst game in the franchise by far and its not even close. I hope Infinite is nothing like Halo 5.
  3. Im convinced now that SBMM is in. Whenever I play alone its so much harder and I was fooled into thinking I was a bad player and not as good as I used to be. Searched with a team today and it was so easy. Maybe its placebo though because I was feeling more confident in my play when I had a team idk
  4. Just copped an Xbox Series X from Best Buy. Can't wait to finally change this game's FOV to the max
  5. My game glitched I think.. I was playing team slayer and after the game, my rank just got reset lmaoooo im back to a Private. I remember this being a problem at launch too but with the number ranks. Made me so unmotivated after the 3rd time I got reset to a level 1. 343 holds another L can't even program ranks to stick
  6. I can't even find ranked games that often anymore. H3 Hardcore is dead for me.
  7. So SBMM is in social? damnn I had a slight hunch it was but I thought it was just because most bad players left the game already. However, I don't think it's that strict of SBMM because a lot of the time the teams are super unbalanced and half the people in games are awful. @_Synapse now that I think of it, my ranked games have been consistently easier than my social games because I never even touch ranked until recently due to how many times they have reset us... I thought it was just luck but maybe not. SBMM doesn't seem to be in ranked because maybe the ranking system itself is doing the matchmaking. IDK though
  8. @Apoll0 Yeah I don't really think SBMM is in but it miiight be. I just think the population is pretty low so the only people who are willing to play a collection 10+ year old games in 2020 are the super passionate people. @Basu Yeah I searched Halo 4 just for fun and I solo queued and ran into a team of 4 with sweaty tags lmaooo. My teammates were bot level too so it was not a fun experience
  9. I can't tell if i'm just worse at this game now or if the only people left playing Halo nowadays are the crazy try hards. Even social games feel super sweaty now lmao. There are some games where I still drop 20+ kills per game but not as often as I used to in Halo 3 social slayer.
  10. You think so? Idk I think most people here are on the same page about Halo's direction tbh. But anything would be better than 343 rn. Microsoft blew it by keeping these Bozos around when they have all the money in the world to just buy out the best game devs out there. Instead they resort to keeping these amateurs. It's almost as if they WANT to kill Halo.
  11. LMAOOOOOO you'd think these clowns would've learned by now. 343 please just resign, you are EASILY the worst gaming company in history. Microsoft should just hire everyone from this site instead.
  12. FOV slider for console needs to come out ASAP. Been playing the Cold War beta and 120 FOV spoiled me. Playing Halo just feels so claustrophobic now.
  13. You could slap "Parody" in the title and it'll make more sense. What Ninja said was insanity. Reddit ass takes all around though.
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