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  1. Didn't read all of these. Halo CE Resurrection or Revival would be cool names I like the remastered look for sure A timer on the screen would be clutch - not telling you when shits up but just a running clock. also displaying live score instead of having to hit button to check, maybe even squeezing in player kills too. When playing on different boxes it would be sweet to have an option to go split screen like you were on a two box. That way even if your partner doesnt have a mic you can still see his screen and have a better chance teamwork wise. would be cool to play h1 on some of the other halo maps -- lockout, guardian, etc other than that a lot of the glitches and other imperfections is what makes h1 that much more difficult to be considered elite at. I personally like that its hard to be very good at this game. It's tough to just be above average LOL.
  2. Lancaster, PA 1.5hr from Philly would love to LAN or customs with some PA guys for sure. GT = xRascallyRabbit
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