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  1. Sorry if this a dumb question, but does Jimbo retain his place with Infused, and the 3 join him there? Or will new teams/orgs be sprouting up?
  2. Im picturing some backstage banter where all 4 Op... <<sob!!>> TOX players looked at each other and said “he’s talking about you”...
  3. I’m not very good at lip-reading... what was Spartan saying just then...?
  4. Yeah, as have we all... ... but, even now; despite the ghost melees, blank shots, sprint, clamber and jet packs, Halo is where the heart is.
  5. at the risk of incurring a ban for crudity, Mikwen’s performance just now made my gentleman vegetables tingle.
  6. Or, option 3: he still has a soft spot for the game that laid the foundation for where he is now, and wants to do something nice
  7. morning, all! What did I miss? Seriously, though, this has made me very sad, not just sad for Halo but sad for OpTic.
  8. the first couple of minutes of this are worth a watch; it's interesting to see the approach that Blizzard are taking to prevent CTF stalemates: I'm not saying this would work for H5, but it's good to see a little creative thought being applied beyond "overtime & replay"...
  9. Is Coli on a heavier-than-usual rotation tonight? I've had it 8/10 games this evening, and its wearing a bit thin now edit: ffs.. the other 2 have have been Oddball/Rig. Think I'll give up, and play Destiny instead
  10. ffs... this response to Ryan's post on the Waypoint forums...
  11. Frosty is usually so nonchalant and laid back, his reaction to that ninja genuinely made me laugh....
  12. There's definitely something shonky going on with blanks atm (maybe EU only?)... it's got so bad that WonderBoy has highlighted the centre of his screen on his stream overlay; when you're only paying attention to that, you can see how many blanks he's firing...
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