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  1. It seems a bit early to be fully set on a candidate IMO. None of them seem good enough to have my vote in the bag already.

    I think once you see where all of the candidates are on each of the key issues it becomes much clearer who you prefer. Sometimes it comes down to a "lesser of two evils" kind of thing. Bernie is the #1 candidate IMO, his voting record backs up all the great things he has been fighting for all these years.


    It's early but the race to 2016 has already begun.

  2. I tried in Off-Topic but the poll didn't show up for some reason. If it doesn't work again please just reply with a response.


    I’ve decided to try to engage the Halo/video game community and hopefully start raising awareness about politics by conducting a small poll. This recent mid-term election, the turnout for Millennials was an embarrassing ~18%.  I think gamers are an untapped political resource, as well as a militaristic one. I would like to know which candidate you plan on voting for (or if your voting at all) and whether you consider yourself a Democrat/Republican/Independent/Libertarian or Liberal/Conservative, etc.


    I’m an Independent but more accurately identify as a Democratic Socialist.


    I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders, he’s the man.  He voted against the Iraq war, he’s never run a negative political ad and he is to the left of Hillary on basically every issue. He is your cool Grandpa who can get really angry sometimes, but he gets angry about all the right things. Vote 2016!




    *flame suit on*

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  3. I think you missed the point. No one forces you.


    It matters a lot more than you might realize whether it's their game or not. What's the point of promoting and spending cash on the competitive scene for a game you didn't make? Do you see Riot Games supporting CoD Championships?


    Either way, it's as simple as whoever puts the cash on the table has the last word. It doesn't really matter whether you've been around since Bungie made Marathon, Halo CE, or Halo 4. At the end of the day, your contribution to their game studio is the same as whoever else purchases their game. 343 came in with H4, fucked up and now are correcting the shot on MANY levels. The fact that you'll have access to CE online, with Matchmaking and a ranking system is the proof of that.


    But I don't know, I guess I'm sorry you feel FORCED to spend time on a game you don't like (and haven't tried either I'd assume) to have a chance at winning some cash out of it. 

    That's kind of what I mean. It sucks that things have become so corporate nowI was hoping after 343 announced MCC things would get better but we are back to H4 tactics of having the noobier option pushed on us. It would have been nice to maybe have a poll on whether the community would want H2A/C for a tournament. Bumper Jump in Halo1/2 is lame as well. I don't see your point in this case about Riot and CoD because they are both Halo games, it would help Halo in general no matter what and be cool for the old school and community in general to have a mainstream H2C event.


    I played H2A at PAX, it wasn't terrible or anything. It just felt like Halo 4 DLC. All I'm saying is, it sucks having the less competitive and fun version of H2 as the only option.

  4. You are not being forced to play anything. Go and host a halo CE 2v2 LAN


    You are better than no one if you want go host a 2v2 10k halo 1 LAN. Get off your CE high horse please.

    Yes, I'm aware I'm not really being forced to play a game. The better, cooler, less douchey option for the community was H2C but they are going the corporation route and going with H2A.

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  5. It's as simple as this. H2A is their game. H2C is not.


    The prize pools you'll see at HCS also happens to be their cash. 


    You need to realize that you have NO right to complain about being given a chance at winning money, let alone when we're talking about video games. If you want to host tournaments for H2C, no one will stop you, and I'm sure you'll get tons of support for it. But the cash won't come out of thin air. Someone, somewhere, has to pay for it, and if you can do it, awesome, tons of people will help make it work. If not, you'll have to find someone who can... and it's either you accept their part of the deal, or stay out of it. Because you sure as heck have the choice to.


    Same thing here. You take it, or NOTHING. Take a pick. Don't argue, just pick. 


    Don't forget the position we were in two years ago. Be humble and be grateful.



    Of course, this is not directed at you in particular, so don't take offense to it. But there's always a limit to senseless bullshit. It's one thing to complain about a product you paid for (a game that turns out bad), but you don't fucking go and complain to people who offer you money to dominate on video games. 

    I don't think it matters if it's their game or not, It's Halo 2's anniversary. After Halo 4, it's high time they started catering to the real fans, the hardcore players that have been around since CE. I know where we were two years ago and I'm not complaining about the opportunity to win money from playing a video game. I do however, as a person and original Halo player, have a right to complain about what game I'm being forced to play. 


    ...and I have been humble and grateful towards 343 since they took the helm. Unfortunately they were terrible about handling Halo 4 post launch and BS Angel personally treated me like garbage during the Infinity Challenge.

  6. Crazy how many people are eating this up despite the elephant in the Halo room. It's surprising coming from Beyond and with all the old school players here. Why the fuck are they making it H2A and not classic? No glitches, worse maps, *grenade indicators...what were they thinking?


    Gandhi just said something about this earlier on Twitter about the HCS being H2A only and got a passive aggressive response from Quinn. Then Ninja chimes in and asks why we are complaining in the first place, like we should be happy to have any events at all. I don't agree with 343's status quo and what they deem to be acceptable content pushing and fan treatment. The event should be classic, and we definitely need more than one or two H2C playlists at launch.

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  7. Well first, the poll is worded wrong. It's important to distinguish Reach and v7.


    And this is a low effort thread that will spawn the same discussions we've been repeating for two years now. Nothing new will be said.



    It's actually not necessary to specifically distinguish post or pre-patch because I asked: "Which game was better overall?"

    I was simply trying to gather data out of curiosity, but thank you for this pointless and rude post.

  8. @op when i asked this yesterday it was only talking about normal MP not the MLG playlist .

    I feel many people will look at this from a MLG stand point and if that's the case then Reach wins every time .


    But if you look at the games from a NONE MLG stand point that's what i was asking on twitter the other day that started a war lol

    I knew what you meant on Twitter, simply Reach vs. Halo 4. I probably should have emphasized more to try not to focus on one thing like bloom or pre/post (insert patch # here). Not a bloom fan myself and I don't think it belongs in Halo but I adapted and got good with the sandbox I was given.

  9. Like other people have said, anything in Halo Reach minus ZBNS isn't even playable. Worst game in the series hands down. Campaign in 4 was better too IMO if that even counts lol

    That's quite an exaggeration that before ZBNS it wasn't playable. Halo 4 had bad maps/map packs, terrible developer support, no MLG, perma-sprint, nade indicators, bad playlists, no descope, ordnance, the list goes on. We had to wait months for "Halo 4 Turbo" to come out and we were missing playlists for months as well.

  10. After a small debate on Twitter about Reach vs. Halo 4, I wanted to get the Beyond forums consensus.


    Please consider every aspect of each game and recall your experience with them from launch onward.









    MLG/competitive support







    Feel free to leave an explanation for your points or comparisons. Not to insult Halo 4 fans but in my opinion it seems like a no brainer.

  11.  CE spawn system is a thing of beauty once you get to know it, random spawns takes a giant amount of skill out of a game. Until you have played any sort of halo at a decently high competitive level you shouldn't really talk about it. Your ignorance level is through the roof however.

    It's a pretty good system, but I'm not a fan of spawn traps in any way or controlling them. Too many times in 1v1s on Prisoner I've spawned directly across from someone and domed off spawn. I've been playing comp. Halo since H2 while jumping back to CE, how am I ignorant? I've been playing the game for 10+ years and played with the top players and pros from my state in multiple events and LANs..

  12. I had 2 top 5 and 4 top 8 finishes for halo 2 MLGs and this statement is 100% accurate. There is no skill cap in halo 1 where as in any other halo everyone could 4 shot consistently.

    Nice job, which events on what teams?


    I agree on your point on CE, but not everybody could 4 shot, yes it was much easier than the Pistol by far, but the game still had a skill gap. Maybe it's not as big from the top AMs to Pros as in CE, but it's there. I disagree on it being light-years more competitive though.

  13. You're a ******. If you think anyone in the world gets three shots consistently you're an idiot. It's not as easy as you think, there is zero luck involved in pistol skill especially when you're going to be pinging anywhere from 50-100. CE spawn system is a thing of beauty once you get to know it, random spawns takes a giant amount of skill out of a game. Until you have played any sort of halo at a decently high competitive level you shouldn't really talk about it. Your ignorance level is through the roof however.

    As I said I've been playing Halo since CE so I obviously know how difficult a consistent 3-shot is. Luck is definitely involved, much less than H2. If another player strafes a certain way and you accidentally miss, the game can drag the bullet to their head for the kill. It happens, can be random and Halo 2 doesn't have this. I know you can get a free kill if someone strafes into your shot, I'm talking about when you slightly miss a shot in H1 you still might get the kill.


    You can consistently get a 4-shot with the BR, you can't with the Pistol. This leaves room for luck and randomness, no thanks..

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  14. They go more where you point them in H1 then they ever will in H2.

    And to bring up your bullet travel argument, in H2 you might be slightly off but still get the 4SK because the guy strafed into your reticle at the last second and pulled it across the screen for you.

    That's the thing, I get that it's more realistic to have to lead. I simply prefer the instantaneous hit registry of the BR vs. Pistol. I don't want to have to point to the left of a guy strafing left and fire, which in my opinion missed the target because it's not instant like I assume a pistol or rifle to work in close-medium quarters.

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  15. Unfortunately Halo 3 will be ahead of Halo 1 not easy to see why the "MLG" pro gamers of H3 would be like xXJohn CowboyxX from Reach on Halo 1.

    I wouldn't count it out. H1 1080i 60fps ded. servers + the old CE/PC community coming back + pros and pros bringing along fans with them to the game. I'm sure a lot of H3 and beyond players who started with CE are out there. I know a few locals from WA and some of our pro players Proxa, Yahtzee, Toxin who could all come back. 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 + BTB will be really fun regardless of competitiveness. We have a much larger FPS community now, who knows who will switch from 3-2-1 or 2-1 4-1, it could happen.


    It will be interesting to see how the populations turn out

  16. Halo 2 appeals to the masses and highly competitive. It shall dominate. 


    although I personally will be spending every last second trying to get 2v2 LANS started in my town for CE

    Rep for the sig


    Will we be able to LAN it though? Maybe I didn't hear about that but I thought we didn't know yet.

  17. Halo 2 rewards misses far far more frequently than CE does. Are you familiar with how insane that game's bullet magnetism is?


    Also spawn traps in H1 are the direct result of players' actions within the game. The game affords you a ton of agency with spawns, and much of the skill in high level play involves manipulating them to create and escape traps.

    Yeah I guess it does. I mean that's a given because of more auto-aim in H2. I like my bullets to go where I shoot them though. in CE you might be slightly off shot but still get the free 3sk or 3rd shot due to strafing + leading + bulletmag.


    I wasn't specifically talking about spawn traps in H1, but yes I'm aware how spawn traps work and their use in competitive play. I was mentioning how you can just get shitty bad spawns right next to people off spawn or way too close to the enemy. 1v1's really show this in CE. As long as it's not H3's I'm good lol.

  18. Again, there is nothing over powered about the pistol and you're going to really struggle to pull of 3 shots the way you pull of 4 shots with the Halo 2 BR. There seems to be a misconception that because the Halo CE pistol could kill in 3 shots, that 3 shots suddenly become a common feature. Let's just say, in Halo CE montages, there's a reason they include single kill 3 shots, where as in Halo 2 montages, you NEVER see a single kill 4 shot BR.


    I didn't say it was the most skillfull weapon in video game history, but it's the most skillfull weapon in console FPS games.


    Saying that the skill gap is too big and harsh is like saying the skill gap on fighting games is too big and harsh. The beauty of Halo, like all truly competitive games, is that it's great and easy to pick up and play, but very difficult to master. That's why people had such a blast lanning the game with their friends back when the game came out. It was an amazingly fun game to just pick up and play with some buddies.

    A 3 shot weapon with that kill-time in any FPS, in my opinion, is overpowered. I'm aware of how difficult the 3sk is vs. the 4sk. Which reminds me, I'm not a fan of the randomness of the pistol. Sometimes you can be rewarded for missing, which isn't the case in H2. You might miss a bit to the left, but they might strafe a certain way to have it hit them. Less skilled players can get 3sk or even that final shot through luck. I'm not a fan of randomness in my FPS.


    I know you didn't say that, I was mocking you a bit because of how passionately you love and cling to the pistol.


    I wouldn't compare FPS skill to Fighting skill, but I get what you are saying. I prefer the skill gap of Halo 2 to 1 because it's smaller, less harsh and random than CE. Also, it had some bad spawns. I think H2 only had a few spawn traps and bad spawns on Middy FFA.

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    Doing some thing subconsciously doesn't mean it was an accident. Plenty of great inspirational people throughout history have admitted that they have created their material and masterpieces without even really realising it, like they were being guided by some other force. John Lennon from the Beatles for example - he admits this. No masterpiece in this world is ever an "accident", period.

    You and I will never know if it was subconscious, that's purely speculation. I believe I read/heard they messed with some sort of damage setting and it made it a 3 shot. I've heard multiple account of it being on accident, not on purpose, however you want to word it. Believe what you will, but It's not like god or the guardians of FPS secretly through the force swayed their hand to make an overpowered 3-shot god pistol, "The greatest most graciously skillful weapon in FPS history". We get it your a Halo 1 kid as I am a H2 kid. It was great back then but the skill gap was too big and harsh.

  20. Now you're just lying or you didn't play much Halo 2. Go and watch some H2 Vod archives, the footage is riddled with stale mate Lockout TS snoozefests.



    Yes, fun is subjective, true, but I feel as though Halo CE was without a doubt the most fun Halo game. Matchmaking and clan/social features have nothing to do with this discussion. We're discussing raw gameplay here, not social features. Headsets? Lol, what's that got to do with gameplay mechanics? Bigger, better maps? There's hardly a weak map in Halo CE and Blood Gulch is better than any big map in Halo 2.

    You were talking about which Halo is more fun between 1 and 2. If you wanted to compare the gameplay itself, I get that. I was comparing each games multiplayer as a whole, with all features. MM/Clans were a blast, headsets opened up a whole new level of communication and player interaction. There are a few non competitive maps and bigger ones that weren't so great, but yes most were amazing. Again it's subjective, but I prefer many BTB maps in Halo 2 compared to CE. I think pretty much every single H2 map was really good except a few, very close to CE.

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