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  1. I think once you see where all of the candidates are on each of the key issues it becomes much clearer who you prefer. Sometimes it comes down to a "lesser of two evils" kind of thing. Bernie is the #1 candidate IMO, his voting record backs up all the great things he has been fighting for all these years. It's early but the race to 2016 has already begun.
  2. I tried in Off-Topic but the poll didn't show up for some reason. If it doesn't work again please just reply with a response. I’ve decided to try to engage the Halo/video game community and hopefully start raising awareness about politics by conducting a small poll. This recent mid-term election, the turnout for Millennials was an embarrassing ~18%. I think gamers are an untapped political resource, as well as a militaristic one. I would like to know which candidate you plan on voting for (or if your voting at all) and whether you consider yourself a Democrat/Republican/Independent/Libertarian or Liberal/Conservative, etc. I’m an Independent but more accurately identify as a Democratic Socialist. I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders, he’s the man. He voted against the Iraq war, he’s never run a negative political ad and he is to the left of Hillary on basically every issue. He is your cool Grandpa who can get really angry sometimes, but he gets angry about all the right things. Vote 2016! www.BernieSanders.com *flame suit on*
  3. That's kind of what I mean. It sucks that things have become so corporate nowI was hoping after 343 announced MCC things would get better but we are back to H4 tactics of having the noobier option pushed on us. It would have been nice to maybe have a poll on whether the community would want H2A/C for a tournament. Bumper Jump in Halo1/2 is lame as well. I don't see your point in this case about Riot and CoD because they are both Halo games, it would help Halo in general no matter what and be cool for the old school and community in general to have a mainstream H2C event. I played H2A at PAX, it wasn't terrible or anything. It just felt like Halo 4 DLC. All I'm saying is, it sucks having the less competitive and fun version of H2 as the only option.
  4. Yes, I'm aware I'm not really being forced to play a game. The better, cooler, less douchey option for the community was H2C but they are going the corporation route and going with H2A.
  5. I don't think it matters if it's their game or not, It's Halo 2's anniversary. After Halo 4, it's high time they started catering to the real fans, the hardcore players that have been around since CE. I know where we were two years ago and I'm not complaining about the opportunity to win money from playing a video game. I do however, as a person and original Halo player, have a right to complain about what game I'm being forced to play. ...and I have been humble and grateful towards 343 since they took the helm. Unfortunately they were terrible about handling Halo 4 post launch and BS Angel personally treated me like garbage during the Infinity Challenge.
  6. Crazy how many people are eating this up despite the elephant in the Halo room. It's surprising coming from Beyond and with all the old school players here. Why the fuck are they making it H2A and not classic? No glitches, worse maps, *grenade indicators...what were they thinking? Gandhi just said something about this earlier on Twitter about the HCS being H2A only and got a passive aggressive response from Quinn. Then Ninja chimes in and asks why we are complaining in the first place, like we should be happy to have any events at all. I don't agree with 343's status quo and what they deem to be acceptable content pushing and fan treatment. The event should be classic, and we definitely need more than one or two H2C playlists at launch.
  7. It's actually not necessary to specifically distinguish post or pre-patch because I asked: "Which game was better overall?" I was simply trying to gather data out of curiosity, but thank you for this pointless and rude post.
  8. I knew what you meant on Twitter, simply Reach vs. Halo 4. I probably should have emphasized more to try not to focus on one thing like bloom or pre/post (insert patch # here). Not a bloom fan myself and I don't think it belongs in Halo but I adapted and got good with the sandbox I was given.
  9. That's quite an exaggeration that before ZBNS it wasn't playable. Halo 4 had bad maps/map packs, terrible developer support, no MLG, perma-sprint, nade indicators, bad playlists, no descope, ordnance, the list goes on. We had to wait months for "Halo 4 Turbo" to come out and we were missing playlists for months as well.
  10. Remember, not individual periods during the games lifespan, each games entirety
  11. After a small debate on Twitter about Reach vs. Halo 4, I wanted to get the Beyond forums consensus. Please consider every aspect of each game and recall your experience with them from launch onward. Maps Gunskill/Skill Radar Grenades Sandbox Playlists Patches MLG/competitive support Teamwork Randomness Melee Lifespan AA's Feel free to leave an explanation for your points or comparisons. Not to insult Halo 4 fans but in my opinion it seems like a no brainer.
  12. Interesting, I've never heard this. Source?
  13. It's a pretty good system, but I'm not a fan of spawn traps in any way or controlling them. Too many times in 1v1s on Prisoner I've spawned directly across from someone and domed off spawn. I've been playing comp. Halo since H2 while jumping back to CE, how am I ignorant? I've been playing the game for 10+ years and played with the top players and pros from my state in multiple events and LANs..
  14. Nice job, which events on what teams? I agree on your point on CE, but not everybody could 4 shot, yes it was much easier than the Pistol by far, but the game still had a skill gap. Maybe it's not as big from the top AMs to Pros as in CE, but it's there. I disagree on it being light-years more competitive though.
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