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  1. lol the T2 catfish's phone number has my area code. What a weird story. Also, I'm enjoying the new settings quite a bit. I have barely played in the past few months but I'm definitely going to try to get on more often. Pistol battles are a lot of fun.
  2. Has @@Cratos been eating wings and fries for 3 and a half hours?
  3. Entire OG Halo roster gets dropped Maniac retired but will play for the first two weeks until a roster change can be made OG picks up CLG roster Old OG roster playing under the name LOL
  4. Rammy is an AM player filling in for Ryanoob, who is on vacation. Changes: Liquid dropped Assault for Danoxide ALG dropped Goofy for Heinz
  5. Is EU not being cast today? This may have been mentioned already but I missed it if so
  6. Yeah someone posted a clip from Str8 Sick's stream a few pages back where he said that people were busy and that because it wasn't a mandatory tournament they decided not to play.

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