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  1. Sorry to necro' but did you ever find a definitive, or at least satisfactory answer to your settings question?
  2. I guarantee the event would sell out if top NA players were attending. Hopefully it still sells well.
  3. Did they also go undefeated before they dropped someone for Tufoxy? Or was it just that they beat tufoxy/jimbo's team then signed tufoxy and later jimbo?
  4. I've suspected for some time that @@shitlin is your alt account and this confirms it
  5. It pains me that his name is dragged through the mud Edit. #MonitorLivesMatter
  6. Pretty sure they were already combining team arena and team slayer lists before hcs playlist was released. The amount of times that I left one playlist for the other and immediately matched the same players as the previous game but in a different playlist was too often to be a coincidence I think.
  7. Because it's not 1956 or 1986! It's just not worth it these days. People don't stop when someone goes down anymore, laying boots to the face etc. You either win the fight and end up in jail for affray/manslaughter or lose the fight and end up in hospital or dead. Plus youve got the gutless cunts who think they're hard because they've got a knife or a gun or at least phone the pigs if you beat them! On top of being banned from competing in esports FOR LIFE! its Just not worth it!
  8. Maybe listen to call outs instead of laughing out loud?
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