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  1. Could There Possibly be a Happy Medium in the No Radar Debate? The tension between the community has grown stronger over the radar feature, but there might by a solution to this problem for both sides. Read more here.
  2. Is OpTic's Recent Win At OC A Sign Of Further Success? OpTic's recent win at Orange County has been a great sign of relief for their starving fans, but is this victory truly a sign of further success? Read more here
  3. Why Did HCS Orange County Have So Few Teams? An event that was supposed to rejuvenate the West Coast has turned into a major concern for the scene. Read more here
  4. The Evolution Of Halo's Sniper Rifle And Its Significance To The Competitive Community Halo's sniper rifle has gone through many stages in evolution, but its propose and effectiveness have remained the same. Read more here
  5. New OpTic Team Will Save Halo OpTic Gaming's new Halo team has the potential to truly change our community. Read more here
  6. E6 Owner Allegedly Rips Off Their Halo Players A recent post from Halo pro StelluR criticizes the E6 organization and makes allegations that need to be taken serious. Read more here
  7. EG Vs nV, Who Has A Better Shot At Being The Best? Both are expected to do very well this season, but which one will be the best? Read more here
  8. Team Arena Fall Preview Playlist, A Major Disappointment Team Arena Fall Preview Playlist had good intentions, but sadly it turned into a disaster. Read more here
  9. Should More Money be Invested in the Amateur Halo Scene? Money is what drives our community, but should more of it be invested in the amateur scene? Read more here
  10. Success of 2050 Halo Event may Lead to an Increased Amount of Open Events With the recent success that came with 2050 Chattanooga, more open events may be planned for the future. Read more here
  11. One Of The Greatest Inventions To Be Made For Competitive Halo A new site has emerged that could become game-changing for our community. Read more here
  12. New EG Team May Be The Recipe For Success Although it has only been a few days since their official announcement, this new EG team has been turning a lot of heads with their performance and this may only be the first step to something great. Read more here
  13. New Team Liquid Squad May Be Recipe For Success Last season wasn't the best for Team Liquid, but next season may be better for this club with a new roster. Read more here
  14. Team Arena Fall Preview: An Unwanted Surprise 343 has surprised us with a new Team Arena playlist that features all of the maps and game types 343 hopes to implement come Season Two. Unfortunately, many are not satisfied. Read more here
  15. Saying that South America with its lack of developer support or any support in that manor meaning that less money is being put in these regions is more attractive to organizations compared to North America who has the majority of support is very silly to say. Almost every top organization competing in the Pro League is in it only for the money so it would be dumb to invest in a Mexican team right now considering that there is no money in Mexico for Halo. I'm sorry if your post isn't suppossed to have discussions, but I just feel like this article does more hurting than helping, especially because you wrote this: "Some may automatically say that there is no reason to support regions with a much smaller population" LMAO, what? Do you have any idea of how many Colombian and Mexican teams are? or how many Latin players without a team are still actively playing Halo? If anything, I'm 100% sure a Latin America Pro League would attract more teams than any of the North America Pro League qualifiers. It's just that ESL are pathetic and they don't even know how to grow a scene. Halo has so so much potential for becoming the new CSGO outside of North America, but that's never going to happen with this shitty company.
  16. When I saw the title "Adult League" I initially thought that this was some sort of bs 18+ league that had no porous for being around but with it being a 30+ league, I honestly feel like it has some sort of potential. Considering that 30+ adults tend to have a pretty hard time getting along with the younger, less mature generation of gamers, a small scale league for older gamers may be a pretty enjoyable experience for everyone involved. This idea may not completely blow up in popularity but I honestly think its something you should put some serious effort in and see where it takes you.
  17. Should The HCS Pro League Support Other Regions? There have been many clear positives and negatives that have come with the Pro League. However, a pretty large question still floats being whether or not ESL should consider expanding the Pro League to different regions. Read more here
  18. Should Cloud Be On a Pro League Team? Cloud, one of the oldest veterans still competing, is starting to get frustrated over not being offered a spot on a Pro League team. But, is he deserving of such a prestigious offer? Read more here
  19. Should Cloud Be On a Pro League Team? Cloud, one of the oldest veterans still competing, is starting to get frustrated over not being offered a spot on a Pro League team. But, is he deserving of such a prestigious offer? Read more here
  20. What Will It Take To Dethrone CLG? CLG's reign of dominance has lasted for far too long and it is time to crown a new champion, but what exactly would it take to defeat this team and make it to the top? Read more here
  21. Could the Addition of Naded and Ninja Save EG? After the massive rumor of Snip3down leaving EG formed, another rumor of Ninja and Naded joining EG started and although nothing is confirmed at the moment, lets go over this potentially massive team change and see if it would either help or hurt EG. Read more here
  22. Does Halo 5 Need a Map Voting System? The argument "does Halo 5 need a map voting system?" is one that has recently gained a lot of attention. Read more here
  23. The Uncertain Future Of Team Liquid Liquid has recently received a lot of hype for finally looking like the dominant team we initially thought they could be, but this may all change with some scary rumors. Read more here
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