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  1. I want to see an E6 roster of Snipedown, Bubu, Huke, Shooter. Sorry Carlos, I just think you're stale
  2. I'm just trying to help your replies on this post become more fruitful brother, not knocking your skill whatsoever as we've never played together but you'd get a ton more replies if you just grinded to Onyx. You can solo grind Arena without too much frustration to about 1800ish and then you might start splitting games after that. Once again just trying to help
  3. I sense in-game arguments galore lol
  4. Just keep solo grinding. I have numerous accounts I've gotten to Onyx playing solo as I'm sure many other high skilled players will tell you the same. It's not hard, sure I understand you can only carry so much every game but don't sweat it because if you're good enough you'll win more than you Lowe and eventually get to Onyx. One rank is only worth a day play maybe so you'll be there by the end of today if you truly are as good as you make yourself out to be
  5. A talented FFA player looking to transition onto an already set and skilled to3. Has event experience from H2-Halo Reach. GT - FFA Soviet
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