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  1. Why ID? Why? We had something here. UT4 on the horizon, Bluestreak in development, a general industry shift towards fast-paced, movement-focused mechanics, and you come in and fuck it up by turning the biggest name in shooters ever into another halfassed hybrid destined to die horribly within the first month. You broke my heart ID. And we were SO CLOSE. The gameplay was there, the brand recognition was there, this could have been so great! But you lacked the courage to pull it off. Here we go, another missed opportunity to add to the pile. At this point, UT4 is our only hope, i'm afraid.
  2. They mentioned a co-op survival mode, and considering how versatile the map tools look + mods, my bet is that there is going to be a good bunch of co-op content.
  3. Personally the n.1 thing i hope they put into the One version -besides 1080p 60fps- is some antialiasing, reach make my eyes bleed every time i replay it.
  4. i haven't played MCC, but i assume it can't be as awful as it was on 360, right? right?
  5. Battlefront runs at 30 fps on consoles. It doesn't justify 343 by any means, but it's not like Dice deserve any credit for putting graphics over gameplay.
  6. I don't understand how so many people and even some of you guys can justify this decision. Forget for a moment that they flat out lied about it, it's not impossible for them to make the game run at 60 fps in 4 player split-screen, all they have to do is tone down the visuals; the only reasons we are not getting split-screen are: A ) they're afraid the game might look bad B ) stuff like Warzone drained most of their multiplayer resources and they don't feel like split screen is worth the effort.
  7. This makes no fucking sense. I'm sorry, i get that split screen 1080p 60 fps it's hard to process on the XONE, but what is stopping them from downgrading the visuals in split-screen? I personally would prefer to play Lego-Halo with 4 polygons per spartan rather than having a Halo game without split-screen. Oh well, too bad microsoft is probably terrified by the idea of making its downgraded PC-in-a-box look bad to the average consumer.
  8. So are there any news on when are we going to get HtT Season 2? The Hype is real.
  9. Campaign looks fantastic. Warzone seems really interesting, i just hope they don't rearrange Warzone maps into Arena maps and that's why we get 20 maps on launch. Am i the only one that felt a slight Destiny-vibe? Maybe is just an impression. Did we really need ADS on the shotty? how is that gonna be of any use if it truly doesn't give any advantage? Excited to see what that huge guardian thing is and what role is going to play in the game.
  10. I might buy this at full price, and that's saying something considering i haven't bought a game on day one in like a year.
  11. Well it's already miles ahed of Doom 3, probably because without carmack demanding unbelievable graphical fidelity they had more room to create a proper Doom. Also the weapon wheel thing it's probably optional, a comodity for console players or people not that good with keybords. Personally i think it looks like the HD doom i've always wanted, and i'm hyped AF. On a different note, i now despise ONI more than ever. You did a fine job, HtT writers / voice actors.
  12. Magnetism is a bad idea anyway IMO. If you want a bigger hitbox, go with it, but don't make it so that you can hit shots while shooting the air, it gives the worst impression - especially when we already have aim-assist enabled - and delegitimizes Halo as an Esport. I understand it's always been a part of CE, and that just removing it like this can't work without some other changes to balance it out, but i would personally leave it behind for future Halos.
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