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  1. LOL this is the GOOD BEER THREAD not the Im feeling fancy on cheap wine thread
  2. Venky

    NBA Thread

    Kobe > Duncan> Jordan> Rose > Bouges> Lebron
  3. Coin Coin Chapter 2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  4. I thought The Game of Throne was pretty good but not worth all the hype. I like fantasy stories as much as the next guy but I felt like this was no LOTR, HG, etc. I thought the first season was paced too slowly and got really boring at times, there were practically no fight scenes, i mean its like they just threw in some boobies to make up for the pacing. The cast was pretty good tho and the dialogue is the shows only saving grace, some really clever stuff, light when it needs to be, very refreshing My main complaint, and If you ever took a film/tv class you would know that rule one is dont alienate your audience by doing drastic things, such as killing your main character IN SEASON ONE! WTF?!?!? I mean reeeealy bro, cmon overall the show, fails to entertain (without the use of titties) or deliver any deeper meanings/themes. On the surface mainstream psuedo-hipster bait, beneath its mediocre rubbish
  5. Venky

    NBA Thread

    single, and ready to mingle!
  6. Venky

    NBA Thread

    but Bill Simmons is so fucking annoying and hes always stoned
  7. Yes, this is true because CSI is amazing and the acting is top notch. and yes the realism is moer better but I dont think its as good as Burn Notice because, 1. there arent enough action scenes 2. there is no Fi 3. dry humor
  8. I wish I could drink beer
  9. I enjoy drawing manga, skyping with friends, and working on my tan. I also play Tenis, Magic The Gathering, and Cricket
  10. I said the same thing about Blops 2, Halo 4, etc...IMO you shouldnt have a Blops 2 section, or a halo section,etc. Those games havent been good in years. Not since COD 4 and Halo 2/3( 2007). They are bad multiplier games IMO Not to mention that this GTA thread has more posts than the entire Titanfall section which has less than a hundred replies LOL, and more than the Destiny section which has about 600. So clearly there is enough demand for a section, it just doesn't go along with TB's vision GTAV's multiplayer is only "dissapointing" because people cant play it atm, and Rockstar still needs to smoothen some things out. Its not your run of the mill recycled FPS thats been done over and over again, this is new and kinks will be worked on but until then your claims shall go unsupported by actual game play issues but if that is your reasoning than I am sure you are right and I wont argue, because ban. pls dont ban me
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