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  1. White Cell Players: 4-8 Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds Weapons: Plasma Caster 120s 1clip, Scattershot 90s 1clip, Needler 90s 1clip, BR x2, SMG x2, Lightrifle, 2 Splinters, 4 Frags Powerups: Active Camo 150s White Cell is a small, symmetric 4v4 map. The design partly comes from a map I made back in H2A called Magnetic which was inspired by Haven. I really hope you guys get a chance to get some games in on this one because I think it's the best I have to offer so far in this game. Thank you to anyone who has given me feedback and helped me test the map up till this point. I hope to get many more games in on this in the coming weeks so I can polish it as much as possible. Special Thanks to Box Knows for requesting that I revisit my work from H2A and for suggesting I rescale the map early on in the design phase. If anyone gets any games in on it please feel free to leave me some feedback. Nothing is set in stone. GT: Chronmeister Map: White Cell
  2. Substance Players: 4-8 Gametypes: Team Slayer, King of the Hill, Oddball, Ricochet Weapons: Sniper Rifle 120s 1clip, Rocket Launcher 180s 1 clip, Energy Sword 180s, Suppressed SMG x2 60s 1 clip I hope some of you guys can help me test this out before H5 forge is dropped. I will definitely be remaking this one and I'd like to work out any kinks in the design before I go to work on it a second time. I think all the gametypes should play pretty well and I will update the overview someday after I am confident in my Hill and Ball Spawn locations. Enjoy! GT: Chronmeister Map: Substance
  3. Lost Causeway Players 8-10 Gametypes: One Flag CTF, KOTH, Slayer Weapons: Sniper Rifle 120s 1 clip, Rocket Launcher 120s no clip, Suppressed SMG 60s 1 clip Powerups: Active Camo 120s, Overshield 120s This is going to be my submission to the Meet Your Maker Competition. I am looking to get as many tests on it as possible so if anyone is down to test, please add me. GT: Chronmeister YouTube Video The map is in my fileshare but will be updated many times over the next few weeks. Please leave any feedback you may have. Thanks! GT: Chronmeister Map: Lost Causeway
  4. Domino Players 6-8 Gametypes: Slayer, KOTH Power Weapons: Rocket Launcher 1clip 180s, Sniper Rifle 1clip 120s, Suppressed SMG 1clip 60s Powerups: Overshield 90s, Speed Boost 90s Let me know what you think of the map. GT: Chronmeister Map: Domino
  5. This happens to me a lot. The only suggestion I have is to save immediately when u start forging and see if it works. If not, quit the game and reload the map. It won't not save if it has already saved successfully.Very frustrating, I know. This is probably one of the worst problems the game has right now aside from no fileshare.
  6. Blackheart Blackheart is my submission to Forgehub's 1v1 map contest. It is an asymmetrical arena style slayer map with a very vertical layout. Check out the video walkthrough here<<<<<<<<<<. Weapons Sniper Rifle- 60s, no clip Brute Shot- 60s, no clip Silenced SMG- 60s, no clip Plasma Pistol-default Assault Rifle-default Magnum-default Covenant Carbinex2-default Frag Grenadesx4-default Plasma Grenadesx4-default Powerups Overshield-60s Thanks to anyone who helped me test the map. Special Thanks to: Whos Blaze, Box Knows, Kurismic, Squally DaBeanz, A 3 Legged Goat, Oasis Hurler, Canadian Echo, Purely Fat and The Elder Acorn. If you are looking to download the map, I can be found in the H2A Leaderboard Timed Run Cairo Station Easy Feedback Appreciated!
  7. That map Troll was really really great. I think it may be the best I've seen. I notice you forge on nebula a lot. I didn't like that canvas BC it is so dark but is it better for frame rate or something or do you just like the skybox?
  8. I was thinking the same thing about that area. I think I could at least block the space between the pillars for now. I need more tests to see how my current changes make the map play, but from the couple I have run, it seems like there isn't a constant flow to the middle structure anymore and that is a good thing.Thanks for the feedback and I hope to get more tests in this weekend, hopefully you can join.
  9. Camelot Players:4-10 Gametypes: One Flag CTF, KOTH, Slayer Power Weapons: Energy Sword 90s, Sniper Rifle 90s 1clip, Rocket Launcher 90s 1clip Let me know if you like the map or have any suggestions. I am in the H2A Timed Run Leaderboard Cairo Station. GT: Chronmeister
  10. Monarch Players:8-12 Gametypes: Slayer, KOTH, Territories Power Weapons: Sniper Rifle 1clip 90s, Rocket Launcher 90s 1clip, Sentinel Beam 90s Powerups: Active Camo 90s, Overshield 90s Let me know if you like the map or have any suggestions. I am in the H2A Timed Run Leaderboard Cairo Station. GT: Chronmeister
  11. Made some major changes to the map to help framerate.
  12. Oubliette Players: 6-10 Gametypes: Slayer, KOTH, Territories Power Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 1clip 90s, Fuel Rod 1clip 90s, Energy Sword Powerups: Active Camo, Speed Boost Scroll Down for Updated Pics Let me know what you think of the map and add me for customs. I am in the H2A Leaderboard Timed Run Easy Cairo Station. GT: Chronmeister
  13. This is as good a competitive map as I can come up with so I'd like some feedback from the tryhards.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. This is the first story I have written for any of my maps, so hopefully it isnt too cheesy. I did take inspiration from the Vex architecture in Destiny and actually had to remove alot because of framerate. I had a large group of about 40 above purple with lights reflecting off them, but this caused massive frame dips every time it crossed your field of vision. I think these blocks have much more than just 6 polygons. The surface isnt actually flat. This can be seen on the edges especially.
  15. Tubular! is my first attempt at a minigame. It is pretty much Ricochet with throw ins being the same value as walk ins with tweaked gravity and speed. You can launch yourself up the halfpipe and catch major air as if you were on a skateboard or bike. Rocket Launcher is center with a 60s respawn time and Player Loadouts are Energy Sword Primary and Sentinel Beam Secondary. The physics make this simple map a whole lot of fun to play on and it sort of feels like Grifball bc of how basic it is. If anyone has suggestions, I would be willing to change some things as this isn't my usual type of map, but so far, the matches I've played on it have been pretty good. Use Tubular! Gametype I can be found in the H2A Timed Run Leaderboard Cairo Station Easy GT:Chronmeister
  16. This map looks like it needs to be scaled down. I am wondering why you have kill boundries inside the map above the teleporter on the first floor.
  17. Undertow Players:4-10 Gametypes: CTF, KOTH, Slayer Power Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 90s 1clip, Shotgun 90s noclip, Rocket Launcher 90s 1clip Powerups: Active Camo Let me know how you like the map and add me for customs. GT:Chronmeister (any feedback is greatly appreciated)
  18. Check out the YouTube Flythough here<<<<<
  19. Illusion Players 6-12 Gamtypes: Slayer, One Flag CTF, KOTH, 3 Plot, Infection (DL Gamtype) Power Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 1clip 90s, Brute Shot 1clip 90s (nospawn at start), Rocket Launcher 90s 1clip, Sentinel Beam 90s 1clip Powerups: Active Camo 90s, Overshield 90s DL custom Gametype for Infection While patrolling Venus, the group discovered a hidden spring within an area known for high covenant traffic. Scans revealed that the water not only was completely pure, but was originating from somewhere inside the mountain that the spring sat below. A probe was released into the spring, but hit a dead end after resurfacing at the source. The team geared up and dove into the spring. After reaching the electrified gate that was stopping the probe, they hacked the switch and entered what appeared to be ruins of an ancient human civilization. Something about the area didn't make sense to the captain. The structures looked old, and eroded, but everything was completely clean as if it was just built. While he was observing his surroundings, the other soldiers started bickering amongst themselves. One of them drew a gun and shot the one to his left in the head. The captain felt his sanity slip suddenly then lost all control. He pulled his pistol and fired on the remaining squad members, killing them instantly with precision. Within seconds of attaining the clarity he now felt, the bodies at his feet started to disappear. Suddenly, everything went black as he caught a glimpse of the resurrected soldiers slaughtering each other on the horizon. The Covenant's trap appeared to be working for now. With these subjects in a constant state of attack, much knowledge of human battle tactics can be extracted. The psychic connection required to maintain the test cannot be sustained indefinitely though, and when the connection is broken, the humans may realize the true nature of their surroundings. Let me know how you like the map and add me for customs. GT: Chronmeister (H2 timed run easy Cairo Station Leaderboard)
  20. 12/16/14 map update fixing CTF spawns
  21. Red Sea Supported Gametypes: Slayer, CTF Players 4-8 Recommended Game: Team Slayer BR 4v4 Power Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 90s 1clip, Fuel Rod Gun 90s 1clip, Shotgun 90s noclip Powerups: Active Camo Red Sea is my submission to Ducain23's Stonetown Forge Competition. I was reluctant to forge on anything other than the forge palates, but I think this actually turned out okay. There is no option to add anything natural though, so I tried my best to used what was available. I really love the way the water looks on the map and wish the same effort was put into the water on Awash. I'm sure this is probably the best option to forge on as far as standard maps go too, so good choice there Ducain23. Anyway, I hope you like the map and look for me on the Halo 2 Timed Run Cairo Station Leaderboard. Gamertag: Chronmeister 12/16/14 map update fixing CTF spawns
  22. I already have another one flag map like that called Camelot. I will be posting that one in a few weeks after I get more games in on it. It is already in my file share though. I'm not really a fan of the way the water looks so I wanted to minimize it on this one.
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