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  1. Water. If you get your butt and your friend's but together and you were to poop into each others butts, would there be an infinite loop of poop?
  2. I have faith in Vince Gilligan on making the ending good. I honestly cannot see how Vince could fuck up the ending. Maybe if Walt was in a coma the whole time and it was all a dream. That's probably the only way to ruin this show.
  3. Cutting is impossible when you're surrounded by booze and candy everyday at work. Still, I'm trying my best and lost 10 pounds so I'm happy with myself.
  4. Maxyyyyy

    Film Discussion

    I was so excited for this movie, but it didn't really live up to the book. Bradd Pitt's character wasn't even in the original book to my knowledge. Still, it was an okay movie. I would have liked the original 3 stories to all be told. But hey, you can't always get what you want
  5. I swaer on me mum if this isn't out for pc Jason Jones will be getting a knuckle sandwich from me.
  6. I can name more pie flavors I like than cake flavors. Pie wins. Hands down. Any other answer is just wrong.
  7. I loved the first season, but the second season was painful to watch. Season 3 was pretty good. Way better than the second season.
  8. Maxyyyyy

    Metal Thread

    I think it would be best if we kept everything in one thread. If people want to argue over what's metalcore/grindcore and what isn't, then I say let them.
  9. This montage got me through a dark spot in my life. Thanks for reminding me this existed.
  10. I know Florida has been mentioned already, but I would be stoked if ya'll came to Tallahassee or Miami.
  11. Thanks. I've been wanting to run WW again ever since that new glitch was found, but WW is a really stressful game. I've also been fixing to improve my OOT time but Project64 is balls.
  12. Maxyyyyy

    Music Thread

    Yeah I like them a lot. When I saw them live they played 2 new songs and said they were working on the album after their tour.
  13. Took the words right out of my mouth. Halo Reach had way too much hype and I got involved with Reach before it was released. I'll probably just go dark with Destiny so my "Bungie pallet" is cleansed for their new game.
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