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  1. I've been trying to release some of my MCC clips in a video for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I only played MCC for about 2-3 weeks so I didn't really have enough clips to make a full video. Joey was nice enough to hand me some of his clips so I could put something together with my clips. The editing is minimal and was done over the course of a day or two. I've always wanted to edit a video using this song and I really enjoyed it. The video is titled "Laser Dance" because I first heard this song in Ocean's Twelve during the laser dance scene. I'll be releasing one more video with the rest of my shitty MCC clips so look out for that. Sadly, that will likely be my last video until my fall semester ends but hopefully I've released enough content over the summer to keep you all entertained! Thanks for all the support and enjoy the video Soundtrack: Nikkfurie - The A La Menthe DOWNLOAD (135 MB)
  2. Long story short, Llama's previous editor disappeared and he wasn't able to retrieve his clips until a couple of days ago. He wanted to release a video in time for the THF contest deadline so I offered to put a simple video together for him. I edited this in a few hours last night so don't expect much. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Song: Philter - Pi
  3. Please don't waste your money on lessons. They're a waste of time and money considering how many free resources are already available.
  4. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, classes are starting soon and I usually don't have time to edit anything during the semester so I won't be accepting as new projects. Sorry :/ Thanks man!
  5. Here's a small minitage for Trunks, edited by myself. He came to me almost a month ago with around 15 clips and I happened to be looking for something small to edit before my semester started. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to start editing until about two weeks ago due to an injury but eventually finished the video in two or three sittings over those two weeks. I'm not entirely happy with the final product (mainly some angles) but I definitely enjoy the video on the whole. Hope you guys enjoy it as well and, as always, thanks for watching! Soundtrack: Methodic Doubt - Half the Man DOWNLOAD (144 MB)
  6. Not to mention, at least in my experience, cannon snipes on Narrows are way easier to hit in MCC.
  7. Yeah, some of them are pretty old because he's been saving clips since '08/09. Yeah, I love the music too third song is my favourite, especially the piano at the end. Best Man's M1 is definitely in my top 3 favourite montages and Sor3's editing in that video really influenced my editing style and music preferences which becomes is pretty clear from this video lol. Thanks for watching, glad you liked it!
  8. First of all, Hysteria and Neighbor's dualtage had just above 4 minutes of gameplay. Hysteria had 17 clips to Neighbor's 13, Joey's tage has over 5 minutes of gameplay by himself. Secondly, the only reason Hysteria has more clips on pros is because he gets to play against them more often. A lot of 50s in H3 could definitely compete with pro players but never had the opportunity too. Joey probably only played against pro/semi-pro players a handful of times in matchmaking and still hit two clips on them. Chimp matched up vs Infamous once in Reach and hit one of the sickest sniper exterms I've seen against them. I hit an over against Best Man, Neighbor, and Hysteria in my second game vs them. I guarantee many level 50 players would have a lot more clips on pros if they had the opportunity to play just as many games against them as Hysteria did. Just because they're pros doesn't mean they're vastly more skilled than top level 50 players, and spoiler alert, they're not. Also, Hysteria's Construct tac was incredible but his Pit tac was not better than any of the killtacs in this montage lol. In fact, his Pit tac is literally a shittier version of Joey's second tac. Joey has a more impressive double, triple, and overkill shot and they both spawnkill the tac at the same spot so I have no clue wtf you're talking about. Also, you saying you're not blown away by many of Joey's clips but then dick-riding Sudd's and Hysteria so hard is fucking hilarious. Cross map stick exterm, lifting noscope tac on Pit, no shields noscope tac, trocity exterm on Fugo, back to back noscope into over on Arkanum, back to back noscope triple on Snakebite, no shields falling quickscope exterm on Guardian, quickscope triple while going up open lift, and it goes on and on. Anyways, I don't really care enough to keep arguing about this so let's just agree to disagree. Glad you enjoyed the montage, thanks for watching.
  9. The custom games were in general against other 50s, either way, the point was that all the clips aren't against low level players. And yes, I think this gameplay easily is better than Hysteria's. 3 insane killtacs, a long range stick exterm, 241 stick exterm, and like 20 clean sniper overs with only a few rocket kills. Snip3down's is likely better if you took all his best clips from Str8tage and M1 and put them into an 8 minute video but his M1 alone has a lot of filler BR exterms and average sniper stuff.
  10. It's over a month late but it's finally here, Joey's first Halo 3 montage, edited by me! The gameplay consists entirely of level 50 MLG so some of you will recognize a lot of the players like Gunstrafe, Snakebite, Fantasy, Turley, NYC, etc. One of the first things we decided on was keeping the length around 7-8 minutes. He has a tremendous amount of good clips saved up but I really wanted to avoid making a 15-20 minute montage like Ace's or Snipedown's where over half of the clips are just average overkills, filler BR exterms, and sniper triples (or doubles in Ace's case lol). We cut out many really good clips (including ~5 killtacs and a ton of overs and triples) so maybe you'll see those in a future montage from him. In most of the clips, he's hitting incredible shots for overs and tacs and it's all against high-level players which is what we aimed for. It's without a doubt the best gameplay I've ever seen from a single person and the best I've had the pleasure to edit as well. The editing is simple (as requested by Joey) and was inspired mainly by Broly Bro's montage. We wanted the clips to be the main focus of this montage so I avoided angles during clips and heavy effects for the most part. Personally, I love the third song and it's definitely one of my favourite edits ever. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to the raw files of a lot of clips and, as a result, many of the angles were staged and don't look that great but I hope you still enjoy the video for everything else it has to offer. Lastly, this montage is entered into TheHaloForum's Montage Contest 2016. You can check out all the entries at the link below. Don't forget to sign up and vote for your favourite in September! http://www.thehaloforum.com/forum/creators-platform/7346-the-official-2016-thf-movie-comp-video-registration-thread Thanks for reading. Both Joey and I really love the final product and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! SONGS (in order): Lights and Motion - Particle Storm Lights and Motion - Antlers Lights and Motion - Fireflies DOWNLOAD
  11. Here's the trailer for JoeyClutch's first Halo 3 montage, edited by me. It'll feature only 50-high MLG gameplay from around 08-09 and, honestly, he arguably has the sickest high-level clips I've ever seen. It should be out late May or early June. Song: Lights And Motion - Glow
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