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  1. You know what would be amazing? A season ticket structure like Smite has for the Halo Pro League. In the Smite Pro League, people can pick which team is gunna win, if you pick correctly, you get season ticket points. As you gain points, you unlock rewards like skins, emotes, chest rolls, ect...things of that nature. What would be really badass if Halo had it for the season ticket. You could pick which team you think will win, and get points. The points you earn could unlock cool armor, req packs, weapons, weapon skins, things like that. It would probably get more of the casuals into watching the pro league too because they would watch the matches to see if they team they picked was gunna win..thats exactly how i got hooked into the competitive scene in smite.
  2. So, anyone know the highest viewer count we got to? Last i seen it was at 70k
  3. hows that? we have had few updates that have been a couple gigs apiece
  4. my buddy is gunna be getting Halo 5, but the thing is he has a data cap with his internet. Does anyone know how many gigs it will be to update the game for him?
  5. Flamesword's viewership is amazing. He is #6 right now on twich on viewer count at 15k
  6. did reality check buy a bunch of followers for their @RealityCheckGG twitter account? It says they have 76k followers and they only get like 5 retweets. edit: actually the only person who retweets it are the suddoths so usually only 2 retweets
  7. got a couple JIP games in Game Day Slayer. Both times, i had a 40m radar and not a 18m. I was standing in treehouse on riptide and i could see people on my radar top mid. really strange, seems like if you join in progress in that playlist, your radar is huge.
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