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  1. Really pleased with how this tournament turned out. i didn't realize how much I missed crowd reactions to sick plays. Hopefully the growth continues so we can get a bigger turnout in the future.
  2. Still a newbie here but how do you tag people in a post? Do you just put @ and then put their name?
  3. I really wish someone from Luminosity would stream their scrims... Really want to see things from their POV.
  4. Why does it seem like the people on this forum are more upset with ESL than the people who actually compete? I haven't seen many pros crying out for change, and if change is gonna happen it means more when the professionals get their voices out there more than us plebs. Edit: Also unrelated but wtf is Pro Battle League?
  5. Glad its working out for somebody. As for me its the same thing every time, silent teammates and constantly getting matched against people with matching symbols so for me thats good enough to assume they know each other. Then my team runs around like chickens with their heads cut off refusing to touch the objective while the other team works together and covers each other well. Almost every battle ends up being a 1v2 because its impossible to keep track of what my team is doing. I despise how MM works in this game.
  6. Do you have a link to one of these devices? I still don't get how these work.
  7. I think it's more likely that he'd quit before he would be removed. He just doesn't seem happy playing halo. Even posted a video about depression.
  8. Bolded statement couldn't be any more true. I'm a fan of Naded but the fact that his mood has so much of an impact on how the game goes is kinda scary. It was evident on OpTic when he was in a good mood and communicated with the team they would win. But when he gets frustrated and starts complaining his team plummets at an alarming rate.
  9. Are you suggesting they bring Naded back with Str8 sick and compete with Ace and Maniac again? Or are you saying start over with Str8 Sick and Naded. If its the former why would Naded go back to a team that he clearly doesn't mesh with?
  10. OpTic CoD loses in the first round... OpTic Halo rubbing off on them?
  11. Lets be real, they passed that last qualifying tournament to get into pro league because of a HERCULEAN effort from Naded. He did A LOT of the heavy lifting. I don't want to put the blame on a single player either but aPG on OpTic has been a disaster. I didn't pay much attention to him on Liquid but I'm sure he wasn't playing this bad. They just seem like a MM team sometimes with all 4 players on different quads of the map not supporting each other.
  12. Serious question, is Flamesword really doing anything as coach? I mean I hear about Clutch, Towey, and ELumnite making real impacts on their respective teams, but I hear nothing about Flamesword. Also think they need somebody other than aPG.
  13. Starts at 2 est according to the site. Not sure about streams, most likely there will be players streaming their teams matches.
  14. Theres always the rebroadcast. Just don't look here if you don't want it spoiled
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