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  1. Ask Alexa who the best halo player is and see what she tells you
  2. they competed under splyceblack2 and made it to the 4th round of the 2k http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/ps4/call-of-duty-black-ops-4/tournament/NA-cwl-2000-series-11-04
  3. Battle Royale needs to stay away from halo. 343 needs to focus on making the core part of the game good and not focus on that. It would be an awful idea. Leave it in the pass and work on what Halo needs to thrive again. *classic halo pls*
  4. I’m curious as to how cod worlds in nationwide arena is going to look if optic doesn’t place well, how empty it will look.
  5. I'm very glad they took out regret slayer, replacing it with sanc makes it a lot more interesting
  6. That was a rumor at HWC 2017 Vegas, Snipedown shit talked babyj and said that to him there
  7. Hoping for a columbus final but nonetheless, This will be a great season and hopefully we get more halo and gears events too
  8. I miss forum poster 1st, pro player 2nd, and twitch streamer 3rd TJ
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