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  1. I'm about 99% certain there is a bug with hit boxes when players are clambering, people eat 100s of bullets and don't die
  2. You make some good points, thanks. In all fairness to my love for Slayer, a lot of it comes from competing in CE when I was younger. In general I think the higher reliance on teamshot and weaker utility weapons in the later games makes them less suited to Slayer than CE was. You didn't always have to hide with a good pistol shot, and the frequency of everything was higher. Also as someone who loves Slayer, Lockout was an absolutely awful map for it. That was a Ball/king Map imo.
  3. My point about MM is only to hammer home that as a game mode in terms of playing for fun, KOTH is just vastly more enjoyable. While that isn't specifically related to HCS, it's inline with many of the problems H5 has had from the start. If you don't have a certain level of sweaty Strongholds is basically unplayable which is not true for KOTH. Spawns are always important, my point is just that again, it's way easier to just lose because of them in Strongholds. The key difference is you must be present in the hill to gain points in KOTH... which means you need to take a risk to gain points, just like CTF. The inverse is true in Strongholds, it's just much more in favor of the team that is already set up. Most of CTF in H5 is great, main problem is that you can cap a flag in 15 seconds. There is too much punishment for a set of spawns that go bad.
  4. Why is "constant rotational gameplay" good? By that definition CTF is bad then? For one thing the defender's advantage is ridiculous in Strongholds due to the way trades work when a Stronghold is contested. Also the fact that you need to be standing in a point for so long before gaining points also puts the team trying to gain control at a strong disadvantage. Strongholds forces so many dumb all in plays very frequently in comparison to KOTH, and its precisely because you need to have bad position for a minimum amount of time before you even have a CHANCE at getting points. It results in a game mode that is way more reliant on how the spawns work. You should ask yourself why it is better for most people playing the game, and the common experience in matchmaking is something fucking random and not fun to play, whereas KOTH or Crazy KOTH had very clear goals and was much less reliant on "constant rotational gameplay" which is entirely meaningless and not a goal we should have.
  5. Now we're trying to remove Slayer? This is the only tolerable game type in solo HCS Preview, please do not remove it. This is fucking Halo, everything else is secondary to Slayer. EDIT: if you downvote at least give an rgument why you'd rather play Strongholds, an objectively worse version of KOTH, or the worst iteration of CTF in any Halo game?
  6. It tracks, but the real point he's trying to get across is that the red reticle is less sensitive than those other tracking weapons, AND you can dodge it. I think Boltshot is totally fine as a situational weapon, if anything it's slightly weak. It just gives nice options for doing things like damaging OS, etc. I for one hope we don't replace everything (BR, boltshot) with only pistols. We shouldn't openly reject variety if there is meaning for it, i.e. CE Plasma Rifle. Boltshot may not be at that level and that's fine, but I don't think it's harmful either.
  7. Only bad thing about the new settings is that it makes the sniper even more overpowered because people walk more. Plaza is especially bad. Also I think it would be better if shooting didn't show up on radar. It creates weird incentives for me to not shoot sometimes.
  8. I'm not sure why anyone here expects communication from 343 or ESL. That's not how corporations work, non-measured PR is basically a nightmare, the best you can hope for is the type of thing Frankie posted on Reddit. Back when MCC happened, he said he would explain the issues after they were fixed... well, that didn't happen, probably not because he didn't want to, but because it would be a career destroying move to do so. Likewise, I imagine there are people at ESL and 343 who want to address the issues here. They just can't; typical game companies/corporations are lumbering and slow moving entities. Often, decision making is abstracted several levels above the person implementing the result of decisions, which ultimately leads to things like Worlds 2017. It's clear to me that whoever those people are, they were far more engaged at HWC2016. I mean, Phil Spencer and Bonnie were there I think? Were they there this year? I find that unlikely. Either way, the sun is setting on H5 - surely, H6 is being developed now. The big question is if it will be on PC. If it follows a logical progression of the improvement from H4 to H5, I think the game will be great. As someone who competed a little bit in CE and still holds that as his favorite Halo, I honestly think H5 is my second favorite. I tried to play 2/3 on MCC and they haven't aged well (CE is still the goat though). AR nerf, no Spartan Charge, no Radar, and we'll have one for the books IMO.
  9. I skipped forward ten pages to avoid the Str8 thing and I FAILED. Let's just enjoy some god damn halo. Will Naded finally win a championship? Will Snipedown tbag after getting a triple with an Assault Rifle and an Overshield? Will Lethul be happy when he wins another million? Tune in this weekend to find out!
  10. Really? Looked like no sword or camo control to me. RyaNoob had a carbine a lot of the game.
  11. How do you get a billion kills with the AR? I fire entire clips and don't take down shields.
  12. So what happens in season 3 when every pro on every team not CLG can't team with any other players because they already teamed and can't stand each other? Also I'm genuinely curious what people see in Hamy? Don't have a strong opinion either way, just wondering.
  13. Honestly, I used to dislike you. But after this roster mania started I think you're cool, especially compared to the other shady shit that seems to happen constantly. Also i think your new team is better, so congrats on that.
  14. Let's hope so, it will show how insane this rule is. You can already see the effect on the way rosters are being formed, players probably making sub optimal rosters to conform to it. What would ESL do if 4 teams completely changed? How do we figure out who goes into the Pro League? I guess we'd hold a LAN? Guys, roster mania is the answer
  15. Yep, it's just that holding a spot really doesn't mean anything in terms of the capability of the team. The fact that the manager controls it (aka a person who doesn't even play) just showcases how little it means. Better to be close to the manager than teammates so you don't get dropped due to shade. Edit: example, liquid makes it through relegation only to change completely. Why even have relegation? What if at the halfway point in the league, the top and bottom teams traded two players to each other? Which squad keeps the top position? Whoever was friends with the manager.
  16. So this whole thing about Pro League spots is fairly pointless, since 6-7 of the spots will be 50% different teams.
  17. I'm a Ninja fan, but being honest: Even if H1Z1 somehow made him a better player, I doubt other people who are spending way more hours in H5 grinding are going to want to team him with him just because of that mentality difference. Ninja is making a career decision there, I'm not sure it's possible for him to be the absolute best he can be in both games at once. If he gets screwed here, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he just goes all-in H1 at that point, since it's just better for his stream. Also people who prefer Commonly over Ninja on C9, can you elaborate why? Ninja seems to have superior stats and attitude. Love penguin though, always enjoyed seeing him randomly get AR double kills.
  18. I didn't really say that, I'm more saying that assembling God squads of top tier players may not pan out like you expect. This happened a lot in other games where teams would assemble the proclaimed best of each role, then proceed to be completely mediocre because they prioritized "being the best" over being the best team - it could be in H5 that those two things are the same, just saying I wouldn't necessarily expect SnipeHuke to be better than SnipeRayne. It makes sense on paper, but sometimes you need someone to look bad so someone else can look good. Are CLGs stats because they have the best players individually or the best teamwork? My gut says it's both, but not everyone can be flashy all the time.
  19. I understand the switch for Snip3down, but honestly the team sounded better to me with Rayne. I think Huke on E6 was surrounded by players that made space for him, this nV roster sounds like a lot of taken space. Also personal stats are very misleading, from what I've watched Snip3down is a much better use of that space. Dunno, think it's a mistake to drop Rayne unless there's something out there like he's a bad teammate for non-gameplay reasons, but he improved a bunch last season. I could understand also if Huke wanted to leave because he was unhappy or something, just think this is bad for nV (my opinion).
  20. It would work the same way in Halo 5. The difference is that if you spawned the weapon onto the map by being the first person to pick it up from its spawn point, you'd apply your skin. If you killed me and took it, it would still have my skin. It makes my skin more valuable to me and it also adds value for you even when you don't have it. This would also let them add skins to things like Sniper, Carbine, etc.
  21. While that's almost certainly true, places like Reddit show a lot of evidence that they wouldn't care about these or team skins, or at least not as much as fans of competitive. I'm making the assumption that those people primarily play Arena. I personally play a lot, 99% Arena, and I don't like the fact that I open weapon skins that are not valuable. EDIT: Forgot to say I would find them valuable if they made the change I mentioned, which seems like an obvious thing if you've played CSGO or any game that has weapon skins.

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