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  1. Gt: Strong5hot, I need to play in something competitive. Champ in FFA this season and Onyx - Arena. Been smurfing alot this past week. Message me asap on xbl or on twitter: @miloemz Still looking for other players to team with but still grinding solo regardless.
  2. Looking for players for Arena MM. GT: Strong5hot. Let's game. Message me on XBL so we can run randies. Timezone is PST. If you're lower rank I don't care, I just wanna game with people who talk and want to win.
  3. Anybody competing or want to compete in this Qualifier in an hour and a half? If you need a 4th or people come out of the blue to make a team let's do it. Onyx 2000 in Arena this season playing Solo. That hasn't been fun. Past Champion in FFA. Looking for at least Onyx level players to have in this qualifier and possibly wreck kids if we could make a good run. hmu: Strong5hot - GT twitter: mylo244 registrations end at 10:30 pdt. So only an hour and 30 minutes left to register! ha. I'm not expecting to be the finals winner, but who knows. I don't plan to lose, but if we do I don't plan to tilt.
  4. GT is Strong5hot. Add me and message on xbl
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